Wanted: Disgraced Bracus - Destiny 2

Find the Disgraced Bracus for Spider's Wanted bounty in Destiny 2 and put the Cabal out of its shame-filled misery.


It can’t be easy to have a name like Disgraced Bracus. This Wanted target of Spider’s in Destiny 2 is certainly not easy to find, as she’s actually a randomly-spawning High Value Target. Players will need a bit of luck if they’re to locate, and kill, this Cabal major for their reward.

Wanted: Disgraced Bracus – EDZ, Winding Cove

The Disgraced Bracus Wanted target is found in the European Dead Zone on Earth. More specifically, it is a random spawn in the Winding Cove area of the EDZ. Unlike some of the other Wanted targets that are tied to one of the many Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 or a Public Event, this one is a High Value Target (HVT). This means it’s up to dumb luck as to whether it spawns.

Destiny 2 Wanted Disgraced Bracus
The Wanted bounty for the Disgraced Bracus costs 4 Ghost Fragments and rewards XP, Glimmer, and an Enhancement Core.

There’s really not much to do other than wait around in the Winding Cove to see if the Disgraced Bracus gets dropped in. You will know she’s arrived because a message will appear on-screen stating that a HVT has appeared. At this point, you will need to quickly comb the area in search of the Cabal unit before any other players melt it. If you don’t get a hit before it dies, your bounty won’t complete.

destiny 2 disgraced bracus location
The Disgraced Bracus is a High Value Target, making it a rare spawn in the Winding Cove.

These HVTs are extremely frustrating to hunt as you could wind up waiting a very long time for it to spawn. If you can, it is advisable to avoid these as the time put in is often not worth the rewards earned. Consider looking over our Spider’s Wanted bounties for one that’s guaranteed.

Remember to stock up on Ghost Fragments so you’re not left with no way to buy more of Spider’s goods.

In the event the Disgraced Bracus does spawn and you do kill her, the bounty will complete. Hunting these Wanted targets can be a bit time-consuming, so make sure you check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for other tips to help pass the time.

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