Where is Lord Saladin in Destiny 2?

The head of the Iron Banner returns to Destiny 2 each month, so knowing where to find Lord Saladin is a top priority.


Finding Lord Saladin in Destiny 2 is going to be something players do every single month. The figurehead of the Iron Banner has bounties to offer, quests to complete, and gear to purchase. While he hasn’t moved during his time in Destiny 2, newer players might struggle to find the old Iron Lord.

Where is Lord Saladin

Lord Saladin can be found in the Tower, above the Vaults. You will have to either use the stairs near Banshee-44 or climb up the main structure to reach Lord Saladin. He can be found standing in front of his giant, flaming Iron Banner icon.

where is Lord Saladin
Lord Saladin can be found above the Vaults in the Tower.

Every month, Lord Saladin returns to Destiny 2 for another bout of Iron Banner. Recently, he has brought with him a new quest that rewards players with a piece of armor for each step. Once the quest is complete, the armor is added to the loot pool for players to collect different rolls. Prior to completing the Test of Strength quest, the only items in the pool are weapons, which is great if you’re trying to farm the Iron Banner Grenade Launcher, Swarm of the Raven.

Much like Eva Levante, Lord Saladin will disappear after his event ends. The place where he was standing will go back to being an empty area, awaiting his return. At the moment, Iron Banner takes place every month, though this could change in the future. It’s also possible that he moves location, which could happen given that characters shifted from the Farm to the Tower at the end of the main campaign.

Now that you know where to find Lord Saladin in Destiny 2, get to grinding out those Iron Banner bounties for that sweet powerful gear. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for more Crucible guides and weapon breakdowns.

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