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If you're struggling with the Rune Patterns puzzle, this guide will see you through.


The Memories of Ruin quest in Destiny 2 is a small interlude between the main campaign. It’s a short mission with little combat, but what is likely to trip Guardians up is a small puzzle consisting of Hive Rune Patterns. In this guide, we’ll help you figure it out.

Memories of Ruin - Rune Pattern Puzzle solution

Memories of Ruin Rune Puzzle Solution
In this example you would shoot columns 3, 5, and 8.

The solution to the Rune Pattern puzzle in the Memories of Ruin quest in Destiny 2 is different for each fireteam each time they visit. When you approach a small wall in the Altar of Reflection, you’ll find eight columns of Hive Runes. Five columns will show identical patterns, and three columns will show different patters. What you need to do is shoot the three columns that are different to solve the puzzle.

When you successfully shoot one of the correct columns, a symbol will appear above the puzzle. The goal is to hit three correct columns in a row to successfully complete the Rune Patterns puzzle. If you make a mistake, the puzzle will reset and you can try it again without concern. It's also worth noting that weapons that do explosive damage may cause incorrect columns to activate, so go with a gun that just fires standard bullets and doesn't have any explosive perks.

Meories of Ruin Destiny 2

Later in The Witch Queen campaign, you'll return to this same room with another puzzle. The method to finding the solution is the same, but the puzzle spans the entire room and several large platforms. Eeach platform will have columns that are the same, and one column that's different. Simply shoot the column that's different, then go to the next platform and repeat this process.

Once you have figured out the pattern the Rune Puzzle will be solved, and you can proceed forward with the Memories of Ruin quest. It’s short and full of narrative, so duck out of here and get back to The Witch Queen campaign. You could open our Destiny 2 strategy guide if you want to browse through more content. You’ll be glad you did.

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