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Complete the Exotic catalyst quest, A Good match, and make your Tommy's Matchbook Auto Rifle even more fun to use.


With a new season underway there are some new things for Guardians to do, such as an Exotic catalyst quest called A Good Match. This quest will earn Guardians the Exotic catalyst for Tommy’s Matchbook, an Exotic Auto Rifle Guardians can get with the Season 10 pass. With this guide, we’ll explain what this quest is and how to complete it.

A Good Match

After players get Tommy’s Matchbook, they can visit Banshee-44 in the Tower. He’ll give them an Exotic quest called A Good Match. This quest has the following requirements which must be completed:

  • Points earned - 0/400
  • Auto Rifle combatant multikills - 0/200
  • Auto Rifle Guardian defeats - 0/100

Let’s dig into the details here. Points earned refers to matches in the Crucible, Gambit, or strikes. If you win the match or, in the case of the strikes, complete an Ordeal Nightfall on Legend or Master-tier, you will get more progress. My plan is to tackle this through normal gameplay to reduce the grind. Since I will often play a lot of Iron Banner, that seems like a good time for me to take a chunk out of this one. This will also take care of my Guardian defeats, which should be noted only counts when using an Auto Rifle.

The combatant multikills should be easy to pull off. I’d recommend doing this in the Seraph Tower public event, or even a Black Armory Forge run, if you’re like me and still do these because they are the last time you truly enjoyed Destiny 2. To get a multikill, simply kill two enemies in quick succession. Focus on pockets of enemies with low-level combatants. If you’re finding other Guardians are slowing your progress, head into a lost sector solo and chip away at it. Worry about this step last, though, since you’ll get progress towards it as you complete the other two.

Once you complete A Good Match, you will then return to Banshee-44 and get the catalyst for your gun, but your grind is not over. It never is, Guardian. You must now get 700 kills with Tommy’s Matchbook. What does this look like? Run a lost sector 14 (or so) times and use only this weapon and you should be all done. That should clock in at about one-hour worth of work. When you’re done, you will a new perk called Heat of the Moment, which increases your health gain while the weapon’s intrinsic perk, Ignition Trigger, is active.

With A Good Match out of the way, head back to our Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help with all the ins and outs of being a Guardian.

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