The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide

Learn about Shrines, dungeons, boss fights, abilities, recipes, and more with Shacknews' The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom strategy guide.


The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has officially released. We here at Shacknews have spent, and will continue to spend, a whole lot of time in the game documenting our progress. You can find the fruit of our labor in this Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide. It contains walkthroughs, Shrine locations and solutions, all abilities and combinations, recipes, and more. Check back with us regularly as we help guide you through the latest adventure in Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is positively packed full of things for players to experience. The game has islands in the sky to explore, Shrines to solve, new abilities to master, and even a new Fuse system to experiment with. No matter your skill level or familiarity with the game, you’ll find something to help you in our guide collection below.

Main Story Quest Guides

Main Story quests
Find Princess Zelda The first and longest Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.
The Closed Door The Closed Door takes Link around the Greay Sky Island, introduces four abilities, and more.
To the Kingdom of Hyrule To the Kingdom of Hyrule takes Link back to a familiar land.
Crisis at Hyrule Castle Hyrule Castle isn't lookin' so good.
Camera Work in the Depths Time to go spelunking with Robbie.
Regional Phenomena Four regions, four problems.
Tulin of Rito Village Head to Rito Village to help Tulin with the Wind Temple.
The Sludge-Covered Statue The Zora need help cleaning their beloved statue.
Sidon of the Zora Help Sidon clean up Zora's Domain and save the Water Temple.
The Broken Slate Help Jiahto fix a broken slate and learn a strange riddle.
Clues to the Sky You've got the riddle, now it's time to solve it.
Restoring the Zora Armor Harness the power of the Zora.
Yunobo of Goron City Something strange is happening in Death Mountain.
Riju of Gerudo Town The Gerudo desert is experiencing an odd weather event.
Ipma and the Geoglyphs Impa has discovered some strange markings on the ground.
The Dragon's Tears There's a sad dragon flying about that's dropping tears everywhere.

Side Quest Guides

Side quests
Where Are the Wells? Fera wants help documenting all the wells in Hyrule.
Today's Menu What's on the menu? Free food!
The Ultimate Side Dish Get some help turning trash into treasure.
The Search for Koltin Help one brother help another brother turn into a Satori.
Mired in Muck Someone is trapped in sludge. Help them out!
Investigate the Thyphlo Ruins Take a look at a stone tablet and read what it says.
The Owl Protected by Dragons Time to display Tulin's ability and get a reward.
The Six Dragons Find the dragons and show off your water abilities!
The Corridor Between Two Dragons Send Yunobo down between two dragons and walk away with rubies!
The Long Dragon Use Riju's lightning power to earn some valuable items.
Piaffe, Packed Away The Gerudo Desert Stablehand needs help.
A Picture for the Closed Stable 1 & 2 The Gerudo Desert Stable needs some artwork.
The Blocked Well It's a well, but it's been blocked!
The East Hebra Sky Crystal Collect a crystal, gain access to a shrine.
Who Goes There? A hole has appeared in the shelter in Lookout Landing.
Dueling Peaks South Cave There's a puzzle to solve at the Dueling Peaks South Cave.

Shrine locations & solutions

Apogek Shrine (Wings on the Wind) Use your glider and make a flying vehicle.
Domizuin Shrine (A Prone Pathway) Twist and manipulate your way to the end.
Gutanbac The last shrine in The Closed Door is Gutanbac.
In-isa The Closed Door will take you to the next shrine, In-isa.
Jirutagumac Shrine (A Flying Device) Practice building a good flying device to cross the gaps.
Jiukoum Shrine (Built for Rails) Grind the rails and don't fall off!
Jochi-iu Shrine (Courage to Pluck) Use those Jenga skills!
Kamatukis Shrine (A Precise Strike) Try your luck at a bit of bowling.
Kitawak Shrine (Upward and Forward) Use ramps and catapults to reach the end.
Makurukis Shrine (Combat Training: Archery) Put your archery skills to the test!
Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders) Use massive wheels to pull bridges and cross lava.
Mayachin Shrine (A Fixed Device) Solve a puzzle with a device that won't move.
Mayaumekis Shrine (Downward Force) Use ships to bounce and glide across the chasm.
Mayausiy Shrine (Building Blocks) Can you make the block on the right look like the one on the left?
Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water) Time to learn about hydroelectricity.
Orochium Shrine (Courage to Fall) Up and down you go!
Rotsumamu Shrine (A Balanced Plan) Careful with those seesaws.
Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above) Dodge the lasers!
Sepapa Shrine (Backtrack) Travel down and up a river.
Serutabomac Shrine (The Way Up) Create your own platforms to Ascend! 
Simosiwak Shrine (Proving Grounds: Lights Out) Take a stab in the dark. Literally!
Siyamotsus Shrine (Unlit Blessing) A cheeky shrine that looks like a Rauru's Blessing.
Sonapan Shrine (Missing Pathways) Using blocks, help Link climb ledges and reach new heights.
Tadarok Shrine (Fire and Water) Harness the power of the elements to solve this one.
Tajikats Shrine (Building with Logs) Discover the secret power of logs!
Tenbez Shrine (Gravity and Velocity) Manipulate the power of gravity to reach the end!
Timawak Shrine (Against the Flow) Be very careful crossing the flowing lava in this puzzle.
Tukarok Shrine (Forward Force) Move a ball using nothing but wheels and some planks.
Turakawak Shrine (Stacking a Path) Climb your way to the top and Ascend through anything you can't climb.
Ukouh Ukouh is the first shrine you can visit in Tears of the Kingdom as part of the quest, The Closed Door.
Utsushok Shrine (Long or Wide) Smack things about it this shrine.
Zanmik Shrine (Scoop it Out) Create a sort of scooping device.

Skyview Towers

Skyview Towers
Skyview Tower locations Where to find every Skyview Tower and how to activate it.
Lookout Landing The first Skyview Tower you'll activate with the help of Purah.
Hyrule Field Uncover Hyrule Field with this tower.
Sahasra Slope Can't work this one out? We've got you covered.
Thyphlo Ruins This one lies to the north.
Eldin Canyon Reveal Eldin in the northeast with this tower.
Ulri Mountain Further still to the northeast is Ulri Mountain.
Upland Zorana Discover Zora's Domain in its entirity.
Mount Lanayru Mount Lanayru lies to the east-southeast.
Rabella Wetlands Head south-southeast to reach the wet and raining Rabella.
Popla Foothills Popla Foothills lies deep to the south.
Gerudo Canyon The dry Gerudo Canyon awaits in the southwest.
Gerudo Highlands Snow-capped mountains can be found in the Gerudo Highlands.
Lindor's Brow Northwest is where you'll find Lindor's Brow.
Rospro Pass Further northwest is Rito Village and its Skyview Tower.
Pikida Stonegrove North-northwest is the last tower, Pikida Stonegrove.

Health, Stamina, & more

Health, Stamina & More
Hearts or Stamina: What to get first? Do you give Link more health or up his Stamina? We give you the answer you need.
Increase weapon & shield slots Sick of running out of space? Upgrade your inventory slots!
All amiibo unlocks Everything you can get by using amiibos!
All abilities & unlock requirements Each ability in Tears of the Kingdom and where to get them.
How to heal Gloom damage Cure and prevent Gloom damage from eating up your max health!
How to get more battery Increase your battery capacity to use Zonai devices for longer.

Mechanics & Systems

Mechanics & Systems
Controls & button layout All the controls for Link and his abilities in Tears of the Kingdom.
Using a bow Become stealthy with range attacks by using a bow!
Dodge like a pro Pull off a Flurry Rush attack by perfecting the dodge.
Parry enemy moves Deflect enemy attacks to leave them vulnerable.
Cook meals & dishes Stop eating raw meat. Start making delicious dishes!
Fire: Starting it and using it Fire is useful as a weapon and a tool. 
Horses: Catching, taming, & storing Stop walking and start riding!
How to save Ultrahand recipes Save Ultrahand blueprints so you can make things faster.
How to get Zonai Devices Get more pieces so you can build anything you can image.
How to get the Paraglider Unlock Link's trusty Paraglider to glide through the skies.
How to reveal the map Learn how to reveal the full map of Hyrule.
How to detach items in Ultrahand How to remove unwanted items from your Ultrahand builds.
How to Fast Travel Save time by instantly traveling to known locations.
How to pass time Need to do something at a specific time of day? Pass time!
How to farm rupees Get Link some spending cash by farming rupees.
All settings & options Discover what settings you can change in Tears of the Kingdom.
How to disable motion controls Got wobbly aim? Disabling motion controls might help.
Does Zelda: TotK have color blind settings? Learn whether Nintendo has included this accessibility option.
How to get a house Build and customize your dream home!
Great Fairy locations Find the Great Fairies and upgrade Link's gear.
House & home: Get Link a house Link can get a new house in TotK, and you can design it however you please!
Hover bike Make the ultimate vehicle in Zelda using only three parts.


Korok Seeds The Korok Seeds are back. Here's where you can find them all!
Where to find Hestu What good is collecting Korok Seeds if you've got nowhere to put 'em?
How to get the Tunic of the Depths Get your hands on an early Gloom-resisting armor piece.
Where to find Cold Resistance armor Keep Linky nice and warm!
How to unlock Soldier armor Boost Link's defenses with one of the best early-game armor sets.
Where to find diamonds Find diamonds. Get rich.
Master Sword Where to find the Master Sword!
Korok Mask Unlock the Korok Mask and use it to help find Korok Seeds.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review

Shacknews will be publishing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom review when it is ready. We believe a game of this magnitude requires ample time to experience before a full assessment can be drawn. Please understand. Come back soon to hear our thoughts.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom strategy guide will be updated over time as we continue to dig into the game. Stop by while on your journey to learn more about the rich world Nintendo has crafted. Check out our Tears of the Kingdom topic for the latest news and more.

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