Jiukoum Shrine (Built for Rails) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Jiukoum Shrine has Link creating structures that are specifically built for rails, which isn't as easy as it sounds.


Nothing puts your building skills to the test quite like the Jiukoum Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom. Its sub-name, Built for Rails, describes rather perfectly what Link will have to do. Get ready to spend some time making the perfect vehicle to get Link across gaps using nothing by the rails and some planks.

Jiukoum Shrine (Built for Rails)

The Jiukoum Shrine (Built for Rails) is found in north Faron, south of West Necluda, on the Popla Foothills southeast of the Skyview Tower in the region. It’s overlooking the forest below and can be found at the following coordinates: 0867, -2275, 0141. This shrine is all about creating platforms that allow Link to grind rails safely to the next location.

Link grinds the rails while standing on a plank

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A chest is up high on a platform, Link uses a structure to reach it

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The first rail to grind can be crossed by attaching the two planks end-to-end. Lay it over the rails and jump on. When you’re safely to the other side, collect the pieces and take them over to the chest. You can either make a long ramp up or create a little platform to use Ascend on.

Link positions a structure over the rails

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To reach the next section, you will need to create a steady platform that doesn’t flip over. To do this, attach the three short pieces to form a U and attach it to the middle of the long piece to create an enclosed square. Slot it over the end of the rail and jump on.

Link attaches a fan to a structure that's sitting on rails

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For the final construction, create the exact same device (or bring your old one up) and attach three fans to the back. The goal is to grind off the end of the wide rails and have the new rail slide through the enclosed square.

Keep in mind that if there is too much attached or the boards push into the rails, the fans won’t generate enough power to push Link up the incline. However, once you do make it from the pair of rails to the singular rail, you should be home free.

Grind to the end of the Jiukoum Shrine and enjoy your Light of Blessing. There are more puzzles to solve out there and we’ve got solutions to them all on our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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