Apogek Shrine (Wings on the Wind) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Apogek Shrine requires Link to use Zonai wings to ride the wind and reach the end.


Some of the best types of vehicles in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are those that let Link fly through the air. The Apogek Shrine knows this and so it tasks the player with crossing great distances uses nothing put some fans and wings.

Apogek Shrine (Wings on the Wind)

The Apogek Shrine (Wings on the Wind) is found in the east, in Lanayru, in the Lanayru Great Spring. Find it on the south side of the Ja’Abu Ridge, underneath an outcropping of ruins. It’s directly north of the Brynna Plain at the following coordinates: 3887, -0218, 0164.

Link uses Ultrahand to grab a Zonai Wings out of the air

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As you enter the shrine, use Ultrahand to pluck one of the Zonai wings out of the air as it glides in front of your platform. Attach the ball to it and ride it down the slope to the gate. Put the ball in the dish and continue into the next room.

Link jumps over a fan that's blowing air

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Link glides a gust of air up to a chest

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Jump over the fans and pull out your glider to zip up to the next level. To get the Apogek Shrine chest, grab one of the fans and put it at the base of the pillar near the chest and then do what you just did: jump and glide the wind up to your treasure.

Link stands on a Zonai flying vehicle, the shrine's exit is in the distance across a gap

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Now all you need to do is grab some more fans, attach it to the back of a pair of wings, and ride it all the way to the end. Remember that Link’s weight and position will change the direction of the vehicle. Standing on the noise points it down while standing on the tail points the nose up. Similarly, with Link on the left wing the vehicle will go left and the same is true for the other side.

The Apogek Shrine is rather straight forward and certainly doesn’t require the same level of crafting that the Jiukoum Shrine demands. For more shrine guides, check out our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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