Tajikats Shrine (Building with Logs) Walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Tajikats shrine is easy to solve once you get a look at the rooms in this 'building with logs' challenge in Tears of the Kingdom.


Many shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are brain benders, challenging you to use every synapse to solve their challenges and reach the end. The Tajikats shrine, also known as the "Building with logs" shrine, isn't one of those. In fact, it's one of the easiest shrines in Tears of the Kingdom, as long as you don't overthink it. Our solution will have you in and out of Tajikats shrine in no time.

Tajikats Shrine: 'Building with logs'

The premise of Tajikats shrine, found in the Hyrule Fields section of the game's surface, is straightforward. You must pass through a series of rooms with nothing but logs to get you from one end of the shrine to the other. This isn't one of those shrines in Tears of the Kingdom that requires you to build elaborate contraptions; all you need to do is equip Link's Ultrahand ability and build a bridge that you'll carry with you to the end.

You start in a room facing a platform that's too high for Link to climb. Grab the single log with Ultrahand and lean it against the platform like a ramp. Once you're at the top, grab the log and pull it up; you'll be using it, and several others, in the rooms ahead.

The next challenge asks you to cross a body of water. There are two structures with gabled roofs for you to stand on; your goal is to cross from the first sloped roof to the second. Fortunately, you've got logs! Stick two logs side by side, then glue the third log to one end. Position the bridge at an angle then walk across. Once you're on the other side, pick up your bridge and bring it with you to the next obstacle.

You're almost there! In case you haven't noticed, the solution to each obstacle in this shrine is to extend your bridge with each new set of logs you find. Your next bridge must span a small body of water. You'll find more logs nearby; glue them in sets of two, then attach each set of two to one end of your bridge to make it longer.

Cross the water and then prepare to (you guessed it) attach more logs to your bridge. Clump them together in sets of two and add each pair to one end of your bridge. Your next obstacle is to use your bridge as a ramp to cross another body of water.

The end is in sight! Simply extend your bridge using the stack of logs to Link's right.There are a couple of fan devices, but you won't need them if you've carried your trusty bridge with you this far. Lay it across the water to take a straight path to the end. Before finishing the shrine, you can rotate your absurdly long bridge and use it to get the treasure chest on the far side of the room.

Nintendo should call them Linkon logs.
Nintendo should call them Linkon Logs.

With the Tajikats shrine finished, you and Link will return to the surface to continue your adventures. Hit up the Shacknews strategy guide to The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for more shrine walkthroughs and other solutions.

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