Domizuin Shrine (A Prone Pathway) Walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Twist and manipulate your way to a Light of Blessing in the Domizuin Shrine.


You’ll find the Domizuin Shrine in the Akkala Highlands at coordinates 3305, 1443, 0426. Nicknamed A Prone Pathway, this Shrine features one puzzle centered on a massive rotating cube. You’ll need to cleverly manipulate the cube in order to create a path for Link to reach the top and claim a Light of Blessing.

Domizuin Shrine (A Prone Pathway) Walkthrough

After initially rotating the cube, enter the cube and hit the rotation pillar inside a single time to create a direct path to a chest outside of the cube, which contains a Zonai Charge. Go inside and hit the rotation pillar once more and quickly leap to the corner platform as it’s rotating in order to unlock a second chest. This one contains a Strong Zonaite Shield.

From here, you’ll need to use a combination of hits on the interior and exterior rotation pillars. To hit the outside pillar without leaving the cube, use an arrow. Follow our steps in the video above to manipulate the cube until the long platform in the corner is vertical with a small open space underneath. Stand under it and use Ascend to shoot all the way up to the top of the cube.

The Domizuin's Shrine location on the map.

Once you’re on top of the cube, you’re almost home free. Just leap over the small gap to reach the stairs at the end of the Shrine. If you don’t want to risk the slim chance of failure, you can fire arrows down at the exterior pillar to rotate the cube and create a safe path. You can then claim your Light of Blessing and get out of the Shrine.

With the Domizuin Shrine finished, you can move on to other ventures in Hyrule. Be sure to bookmark our Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for all of your needs on Link’s grand adventure.

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