How to start a fire - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Cook dishes, stay warm in cold locations, and create flaming weapons by starting a fire in Tears of the Kingdom.


Fire is one of the most important tools of humankind and the same is true for Link in Tears of the Kingdom. A fire will keep him warm, is needed to cook dishes, and can even be used to set your weapons alight to deal more damage. The trick is working out how to start a fire, which can be done multiple ways.

How to start a fire

One of the first ways you’re taught to start a fire in Tears of the Kingdom is with flint and a bundle of wood. Strike flint with a stone or metal weapon to create a spark. Any spark made near a bundle of wood will set it on fire. This can be used to make a campfire by dropping wood and flint together and then hitting it with an appropriate weapon.

Flint and wood on the ground

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The flint and wood are now a campfire on the ground
Hitting the flint with a stone or metal weapon will create a spark, turning both materials into a campfire.
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At this point, you can drop food near the campfire to make simple food or put down a Portable Pot to create complex dishes using recipes. Check out our cooking guide for more information The campfire will also keep Link warmer in cold climates. 

Link aims a fire arrow
Fire arrows are another means of starting a fire.
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Another way to create fire is with any item or material that can make a flame. One such material is the Fire Fruit, which can be attached to arrows to spread fire at a distance. This is especially useful during one of the first quests, The Closed Door.

Fire is extremely useful in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Make sure you’re always carrying something that can help you start a fire so you’re not left cold, hungry, or unable to properly damage foes. Stop by our Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for more help with everything in the game.

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