The Closed Door Quest - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to complete The Closed Door Main Quest including guides for each of the three Shrines on the Great Sky Island.


The Closed Door is the first part in the Main Quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Though technically received after another quest, Find Princess Zelda, this one is the first you will complete on your journey across Hyrule. The Closed Door takes place on the Great Sky Island and has Link investigating three shrines.

The Closed Door – Main Quest

Link stands outside the Temple of Time with The Closed Door Main Quest appearing on screen

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The Closed Door Main Quest begins as soon as you reach the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. After interacting with the locked door, Rauru will direct you to visit three shrines dotted around the edge of the island.

Moving around the island counter-clockwise will have you visiting the Ukouh Shrine, In-isa Shrine, and the Gutanbac Shrine. Each section of the island will require Link to practice what was taught in the shrines. For example, moving from Ukouh to In-isa requires building rafts, grinding rails, and more.

Ukouh Shrine – The Ability to Create

Link unlocks the Ultrahand in the Ukouh Shrine

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Ukouh is the first shrine that sits to the west. This shrine will teach you how to use the Ultrahand ability, allowing you to connect items together to form vehicles, structures, and other designs.

Two boards are connected together to cross a gap

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Begin by making your way across the gaps. Use the planks to form a bridge to cross and connect to of them end-to-end to make it across bigger gaps. Two boards connected together can be used to reach the chest up in the corner.

Link stands looking at the endo of the Ukouh Shrine

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To reach the end, create a platform with two hooks on the end and attack it to the rail. A hook is attacked to the chain on the wall, grab it and wiggle the stick to disconnect it.

A platform hangs from a rail by hooks

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When ready, ride the rail down to the end to receive the first Light of Blessing. Once outside, Rauru will direct you to mark the other two shrines using the Purah Pad. Do this to add waypoints to the map. At this point, the next two shrines can be done in either order.

In-isa Shrine – The Ability to Combine

In-isa Shrine is the second one on the Great Sky Island and it will teach you about the Fuse ability. Fuse allows Link to connect all manner of items to a weapon. You can attach rocks to swords, items to shields, and enhance arrows with various properties. Experiment with different combinations.

Link smashes through stone using a claymore and boulder

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Grab the rusty claymore and attach one of the large boulders to it. Use this to destroy any brittle pillars and cracks in cave walls. Smash through the wall and then destroy the pillar in the back left to access a chest.

Bramble burns around a chest connected to the wall

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Go into the room on the right, grab the Fire Fruit, and use the bow and arrow provided. Fuse the Fire Fruit to an arrow and ignite the bramble on the wall. This will drop a chest that contains a key to the locked door.

Fire surrounds a Captain Construct

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This next room has Link fighting a Captain Construct. There are supplies on the ledges. Try attaching the thorns to a long stick, igniting the leaves around the robot, or smashing it to bits with a boulder combination.

The Energy Cell is unlocked and attached to Link's hip

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Smash through the next blockage and go up to the shrine to receive another Light of Blessing. Once outside, a friendly Construct will gift Link an Energy Cell which is used to power Zonai devices like fans, fire spitters, and other items.

Link crosses water on a fan-propelled raft

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Link stands in a cart hanging from a rail

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As you progress around the island, you will need to make rafts and fan-powered carts. The rafts will help you cross bodies of water when there is no wind. Similarly, the fan-powered mine carts can move swiftly through the dark caverns and up inclines. You can even attach hooks to the carts to hang from rails.

Link unlocks a Spicy Pepper meal

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Continue around the island until you make it to the snowy region. It’s at this point you will want to cook food, specifically anything using Spicy Peppers to help fend off the cold.

Gutanbac Shrine – The Ability to Rise

Roots by a cave exit that can be climbed

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Reaching the final shrine can be a bit of a task. It’s at the top of a plateau with sheer, icy cliffs all around. This makes it impossible to climb. To make it to the top, look for tree roots by the cave exit. These can be climbed up. There are also some trees that you can fell, attach together, and then climb.

The Ascend skill is unlocked

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The final shrine, Gutanbac, is all about the Ascend ability. This lets Link pass up through the ground, provided there is a playable space above him and the distance isn’t too great.

Link looks up at two blocks attached to a wall

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A Construct blocks the way to a drawbridge

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Use the new ability to move up the levels. There is a chest on a small block attached to the wall up the second ascension spot. When you reach the first floor with the enemy, turn right, destroy the boxes, and us Ascend to reach the next chest.

A moving platform below a stationary platform

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Defeat the Construct, chop the ropes to lower the bridge, and continue up using Link’s new skill. There is a moving platform that requires a bit of timing to reach. Approach the shrine at the top to receive the final Light of Blessing needed to unlock the Temple of Time.

Temple of Time

A wooden bridge near an old tree stump

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A pair of wings with a fan attached to the back

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After exiting the Guntabac Shrine, use the Ascend ability to reach the tree stump at the top of the plateau. From here, head down to the runway where Zonai wings are on the ground. Attach a fan to the back of a pair of wings and ride it down to the Temple of Time. If you did Guntabac second instead of last, you will receive the Energy Cell after completing the shrine.

Link unlocks the Recall ability in the Temple of Time

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Enter the Temple of Time and examine the tear drop object to receive the Recall ability. At this point, the Closed Door Main Quest will be completed. You’ll now be able to progress further along the Find Princess Zelda Main Quest. To do this, use the Recall ability in the Temple of Time.

The Closed Door Main Quest takes Link all around the Great Sky Island, introduces four new abilities, and provides room to learn about cooking, combat, and more. You can find more help on our Shacknews Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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