How to get more battery - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Increase your battery capacity and provide more power to your Zonai Devices.


With Link’s Ultrahand ability, Tears of the Kingdom lets you build just about anything your heart desires. Zonai Devices power most creations, propelling them forward, allowing them to fly through the sky, and pulling off other unique effects. Your Zonai Devices will only work as long as you have the battery to support them, so you’ll want to prioritize increasing your battery capacity to lessen the restraints.

How to get more battery

The Forge Construct outside of Lookout Landing.
Speak to the Steward Construct at the Crystal Refinery north of Lookout Landing to produce Energy Wells.

To increase your battery (Energy Wells) in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to speak with a Steward Construct at a Crystal Refinery. There’s on a small rocky structure immediately north of Lookout Landing, one of the first locations you’ll visit in Hyrule. The Steward Construct will offer to produce Energy Wells in exchange for Crystallized Charges. For every 100 Crystallized Charges you give the construct, it will produce a single Energy Well. Three Energy Wells make up a full battery.

To get Crystallized Charges, you will need to take Zonaite to a Forge Construct. There is a Forge Construct on Great Sky Island, where Link begins his journey. It’s located in the Mining Cave on the southern portion of the island. Each Crystallized Charge costs three Zonaite. Stock is not unlimited, so you’ll want to check back periodically to buy more charges.

Crystallized Charges on a counter in the Mining Cave on Great Sky Island.
A Forge Construct can be found in the Mining Cave on Great Sky Island.

There is also a Forge Construct in the Depths, just south of Arusakam Lightroot at the Abandoned Kakariko Mine. The Lightroot is located at the coordinates 1769, -1052, -0608. It can be quickly accessed by the East Hill Chasm northeast of Kakariko Village. The Depths is home to a lot of Zonaite deposits, and this Forge Construct also lets you exchange Large Zonaite for Large Crystallized Charges.

With more battery, you’ll be able to use your Zonai-powered creation without disruption for a longer duration. Check out our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for more helpful guides on your journey.

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