Serutabomac Shrine (The Way Up) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Link has to find a way up in the Serutabomac Shrine using nothing but a few planks.


Navigating the Serutabomac Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is going to take a bit of tricky work with Ascend. Finding the way up the puzzle isn’t immediately obvious, but with a little help from the Ultrahand, Link can create his own ledges!

Serutabomac Shrine (The Way Up)

The Serutabomac Shrine (The Way Up) is found in Central Hyrule, at the back of Hyrule Castle. This shrine sits overlooking the Hyrule Castle Moat and is a great one to snag early for a quick travel point to the castle. It’s located at the following coordinates: -0179, 1170, 0280. This shrine relies on the player knowing how to effectively use Ascend and objects to traverse vertical distances.

Link places a single board on rods high on a wall

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As you enter the shrine, grab the plank from the left and lay it on rods to form a flat surface. Stand beneath and use Ascend to reach the top. This is the strategy moving forward.

An L-shaped plank structure is placed up against a wall

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In the next room, create an L using the long and short planks. Stand it upright, using the rod as a way to ensure it doesn’t fall over. Again, stand beneath and Ascend up.

Link places a h-shaped structure up against a wall

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In this last room, attach all the pieces together to form a ramp up to the chest. Next, create what could be described as a lowercase h using the one long and two short pieces. Lay it down on the rods and Ascend up through both levels to reach the top. If you're tricky, you might even be able to grab the planks from the previous room and make a big ramp.

That’s all there is to the Serutabomac Shrine found at Hyrule Castle. Keep this trick in mind as you navigate the world of Hyrule and remember to use Ascend wherever you can. Find more shrine guides on our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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