All amiibo unlocks - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Dust off your amiibo (and your amiibo cards) and scan them unlock cooking ingredients and rare items in Tears of the Kingdom.


In 2017's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, scanning amiibo and amiibo cards unlocked rare items such as outfits and weapons, and showered Link with cooking ingredients like fish, meat, and veggies. Many of those amiibo rewards are back in Tears of the Kingdom, along with more rare treasures that Zelda completionists will want to get their hands on.

How to use amiibo

You'll have to progress through some of the early game segments to unlock the ability to scan amiibo and reap their rewards. Once you reach the Temple of Time, attempt to open it. You'll fail to open the door, but you'll succeed in opening up amiibo functionality.

To use amiibo, hold the L button on your controller to open Link's ability wheel. You'll notice the amiibo icon in the bottom-left. Select it with the right stick, then scan the amiibo or amiibo card of your choice. Make sure to do this on a flat surface away from cliff edges; the items each amiibo unlocks rain from the sky and can bounce or roll off ledges.

Remember, you can only scan each amiibo once every 24 hours--real-world 24 hours, not in-game, so sitting at fires and jumping ahead won't do you any good. The good news is your Switch treats each amiibo and its corresponding amiibo card as two separate entities. That means you can scan the Ocarina of Time-themed Link and the Ocarina of Time-themed Link card to double your chances of snagging rare goodies.

One last thing: Some amiibo rewards are random. If you don't get the equipment, glider material, or weapon you want the first time you scan an amiibo, try again the next day (and the next, and the next).

Amiibo rewards

Amiibo rewards
Link (Breath of the Wild - Archer) Paraglider fabric, ingredients (meat and fish), bows, arrows
Link (Breath of the Wild - Rider) Paraglider fabric, ingredients (mushrooms), weapons
Link (Link's Awakening) Barrels with apples and arrows, weapons
Link (Majora's Mask) Paraglider fabric, ingredients (mushrooms), weapons
Link (Ocarina of Time) Ingredients (meats), weapons
Link (Skyward Sword) Paraglider fabric, ingredients (mushrooms), weapons
Link (Tears of the Kingdom) Knight's Broadsword, Arrows 5x, various mushrooms
Link (Twilight Princess) Epona
Young Link (Super Smash Bros.) Ingredients (meats), weapons
Link (Toon Link, The Wind Waker) Fish, weapons
Link (Toon Link - Super Smash Bros.) Fish, weapons
Link (Super Smash Bros.) Epona
Link (8-bit) Barrels with arrows, weapons
Link (Wolf Link - Twilight Princess) Ingredients
Princess Zelda and Loftwing (Skyward Sword) Paraglider fabric, ingredients
Princess Zelda (Breath of the Wild) Ingredients, shields
Princess Zelda (Toon Zelda - The Wind Waker) Ingredients, Fuse materials
Princess Zelda (Super Smash Bros.) Ingredients, bows
Ganondorf Ingredients, materials
Sheik Ingredients, shields
Mipha Ingredients, weapons
Daruk Materials, weapons
Urbosa Paraglider Fabric, ingredients (meats)
Revali Ingredients (nuts, berries, apples), bows
Guardian Ingredients (meats), shields
Bokoblin Ingredients (meats), shields

Scanning amiibo barely scratches the surface of content in Nintendo's latest Zelda adventure for the Switch. Be sure to check out the Shacknews strategy guide for Tears of the Kingdom, where you'll find shrine walkthroughs, Korok Seed locations, and more.

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