To the Kingdom of Hyrule Quest - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

After leaving the Great Sky Island, Link will set forth on his next quest in Zelda: TotK, To the Kingdom of Hyrule.


The quest to save Hyrule continues in Tears of the Kingdom with the next Main Quest, To the Kingdom of Hyrule. This is a rather short quest that sees Link venturing from the sky high above down to the ground below.

To the Kingdom of Hyrule – Main Quest

To the Kingdom of Hyrule begins immediately after the cutscene on the floating platform at the back of the Temple of Time. When the cutscene ends, Link will receive the new quest, at which point you can dive off the edge of the platform and into the water far below.

Lookout Landing shown on the map
Lookout Landing is north of where you drop down from the Great Sky Island.
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Swim out of the water and then head to the golden waypoint on the map to find a little fortification called Lookout Landing. A man called Mondi will greet you at the gate and direct Link to head inside to speak with Purah. Go to the main building and up the stairs. Approach the door to trigger a cutscene where Link is reunited with Purah.

Purah's introduction title card
Make it to Lookout Landing and Link will catch up with Purah.
Source: Shacknews

A brief overview of the events will play out and then the quest will be completed. You’ll now be directed to continue on to the next Main Quest, Crisis at Hyrule Castle. A new tab will also be unlocked in the menu. The Character Profiles tab is beside the Adventure Log and provides information on the various characters Link has met so far on his journey.

To the Kingdom of Hyrule is a short quest that takes Link to the main town in the game, Lookout Landing. It’s here that Link will be reunited with an old friend. Take a moment to read over the Shacknews Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for our ongoing coverage of Nintendo’s latest smash hit.

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