Mayaumekis Shrine (Downward Force) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Learn about the power of jumping on sails and soaring through the air in the Mayaumekis Shrine.


While completing Tulin of Rito Village, Link can come across a new shrine called Mayaumekis. This shrine fits the theme of the area, requiring players to learn about using ship sails to bounce up high to reach new areas.

Mayaumekis Shrine (Downward Force)

The Mayaumekis Shrine (Downward Force) is located in the skies of Hebra, on the Rising Island Chain on the way to the Wind Temple. This shrine is the last one of two along the chain, located at coordinates: -2946, 3052, 0897. This shrine will teach Link more about using the sails of the ships to bounce high into the sky.

Link bounces into the air above a ship

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Enter the shrine and shoot the pillar behind the gates to open the door. Walk up the stairs, defeat the Construct, and jump onto the sail of the ship. As Link bounces up, glide to the next ship, bounce again, and then glide over to the ship that is floating in circles.

Link shoots an arrow at a switch behind bars

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Link falls down to a ship below him, a switch is activated through bars in front of him

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As you reach the circling ship, use its sail to bounce Link up to the ledge on the left to claim the chest. Glide back over to the ship and land on the solid platform. Bounce up, aim your bow, and fire an arrow through the bars at the switch.

Glide under the platform, land on this final ship, and bounce up through the center of the barred structure to reach the top. Glide on over to the shrine, claim your Light of Blessing, and move on to the next one! Check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for more shrine walkthroughs.

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