Tadarok Shrine (Fire and Water) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Master the elements to clear the Tadarok Shrine in TotK.


The Tadarok Shrine, which can be found behind the waterfall in the River of the Dead at the base of Mount Hylia (coordinates -1082, -2187, 0129). Titled “Fire and Water,” this Shrine requires you to manipulate the elements in order to receive a Light of Blessing.

Tadarok Shrine (Fire and Water) walkthrough

Upon entering the shrine, grab the stone cube on the right and drop it into the water and use it to get to the other side. Grab the cube out of the water and use it to block the fire on the left-hand side. Take a full-sized ice cube and place it in the corner, climb on top of it, and open the chest to receive a Mighty Zonaite Shield.

Take the metal cube out of the nearby electrified water and attach it to the stone cube, making a long rectangular prism. Place it in the lava horizontally and use it as a bridge to reach the other side. Grab a burning crate and lower it into the nearby water before it’s destroyed by flames. Head back over the bridge, taking the wooden crate with you. Then, lift the bridge out of the lava and connect the crate to the other two cubes, making your rectangular prism even longer.

Remove the electrified metal ball from the water where you retrieved the metal cube. Place the large ice cube in that water. Place the rectangular prism vertically on the metal platform above, and make sure that either the stone or metal cubes are the ones being hit by fire. Finally, stand on the ice cube directly below, and use Ascend to rise through the rectangular prism and reach the end of the Shrine. Claim your Light of Blessing and get out of there!

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