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Tulin of Rito Village Quest | Wind Temple & Colgera Boss - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A complete walkthrough of the Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest including the Wind Temple dungeon and boss fight against Colgera in Zelda: TotK.


The Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest has players exploring a floating network of islands far above the land of Hyrule. This quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom culminates in a boss fight against Colgera in the Wind Temple. The following guide will walk you through making it to Rito Village, acquiring the Main Quest, navigating the islands, solving the Wind Temple, and defeating the dungeon boss.

Before you proceed, make sure you've got plenty of food that will help with cold weather. The Archaic Warm Greaves from the Great Sky Island will also help Link stay warm. Additionally, stock up on arrows!

Tulin of Rito Village – Main Quest

Regional Phenomena will direct players to investigate four different regions. One of the first regions you can investigate is Hebra where you will receive another Main Quest, Tulin of Rito Village. Purah will strongly suggest you visit this region first given that there have been sightings of Zelda in the area. Make your way to the northwest to reach the Hebra region. Consider getting a horse for this trek, as it’s quite a long way.

A map showing the route to take from Lookout Landing to Hebra

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To reach Hebra, start at Lookout Landing and head west to cross into Hyrule Ridge. From there, following the main path as it curves below the bog to where the Tabantha Great Bridge crosses the chasm. Stop by the stables to get your Pony Points.

Link holds a Hylian pine cone in the material menu

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Link holds onto a broken bridge in Rito Village

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Cross the bridge and follow the path as it winds below Piper Ridge and up past Nero Hill. Carefully pass over Kolami Bridge and then you’ll find Lucky Clover Gazette. You can speak with a few people here to learn about using Hylian Pine Cones in fires. Link will need to use this to glide over to the snowing mountains.

Link gliding down from the top of Rito Village
If you go too high up the tower using Ascend, just glide down to where everyone is talking.
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Once you’re safely across, you’ll have made it to Rito Village. Climb to the top of the tower to find Tulin speaking with Teba and Saki. After the conversation, Tulin of Rito Village will activate.

Link glides across a chasm, two bonfires burn in the distance
Aim for the faint glow of the bonfires.
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Link stands out front of a cabin where Harth awaits

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Now, cross the gorge to the north to where the path is marked by two bonfires. Use the Hylian Pine Cone method to give the paraglider some extra lift. Speak with Harth in the small cabin to learn about Tulin, Gesane, and Laissa’s trip to the Hebra South Summit Cave.

Exit the cabin where Harth is and climb the ladder to the north. If you haven’t already, take a moment to activate the Skyview Tower to reveal the region map.

Link stands looking at a cave with a bonfire out the front
There will be a cave along the side of the path with a bonfire out front.

Work your way up the snowy path, keeping an eye out for a bonfire at the entrance to a cave. Inside the cave will be Laissa standing beside some supply crates. Move through the cave, using the campfire and Hylian pine cones to create an updraft to use with your glider. Link will eventually come across Gesane who directs him to find Tulin on Talonto Peak.

Link looks up at a lone cedar tree on top of a mountain
Look for a mountain with a lone cedar tree at the peak. This is where you'll find Tulin.
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Continue through the cave and head outside. Look for the lone cedar tree at the top of the mountain, this is where you’ll find Tulin. It’s a bit of a climb and there are plenty of enemies between Link and his goal.

When you reach Tulin, he’ll ask for help getting his bow back. Tulin will be able to use his powerful gust move to help Link glide across the gap. Direct Tulin to perform the move when you’re ready. After landing on the other side, attack the flying creature to retrieve Tulin’s bow. Defeat the wave of enemies and watch the cutscene.

Rising Island Chain

Tulin prepares his gust ability

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Link glides along Tulin's gust

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The next step will be to reach the sky islands above the storm clouds. Use Tulin’s gust ability to jump-glide between the ruins dotted along the cliff and the Ascend ability to move vertically through the structures.

Link stands at the start of Rising Island Chain

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At the top of the mountain, use Ascend to reach the Rising Island Chain. From here, use Tulin’s gust and Ascend to hop across the ruins. There is a shrine up in the sky that you should unlock as a fast travel point in case you need to leave and come back. Remember you can use campfires and Hylian pine cones to create an updraft. This can be used to skip some of the jumps or to get yourself out of a bind.

Link glides between ships

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The goal is to move from floating ruin to floating ruin, making your way to the top of the storm. This will take quite a while. At the start, using Tulin’s gust ability and Ascend to move between the ruins. There will be ships toward the end of the section that can be used as springboards. Jump on their sails to bounce Link up high.

Link and Tulin rise above the storm

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As Link approaches the top, he will need to bounce from one ship to another, gliding between them as they circle around. After clearing through the top of the storm, dive down into the center to discover the Wind Temple.

Wind Temple

The Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest continues into the Wind Temple. The main puzzle in the Wind Temple is finding and activating five wind turbines. The air is cold in the Wind Temple which means warm clothing and cold resistance meals and elixirs are needed.

1F Turbine

An icicle is attached to a lever

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The first turbine on 1F is to the north, locked behind a gate. Attach an icicle to the lever to be able to open it. Inside, use Tulin’s gust ability to start up the turbine.

1F Turbine

Link stands ready to jump into Tulin's gust

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Another turbine can be found on 1F, but this one can only be reached by jumping off the side of the ship. Glide off the western side and into the opening by the cannon. Go south and glide over the frozen section with the hole in the floor. Defeat the Construct and use Ascend to reach the next floor.

A spinner turns, opening a gate

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Find the broken tiles on the floor, attach it to the spinner, and get Tulin to gust it to open the gate. Reach the upper level, defeat the Construct, and activate the turbine.

B1 Turbine

Link uses an updraft to reach the highest point on the ship

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Link dives down a shaft full of lasers

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The B1 Turbine is found by using the updraft in the center of the Wind Temple to reach the highest point at the front of the ship. Use Ultrahand to open the hatch and dive down, past the lasers, to the lower level.

B1 Turbine

The map of the Wind Temple showing the B1 turbine

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The last turbine on B1 is reached by jumping off the eastern side and gliding into the southern hatch that’s covered in icicles.

Link uses Recall on a wheel

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Use Recall on the wheel and jump on to have it move Link to the other side.

Link attaches an icicle to a spoke to tear a gear

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Attach an icicle to the spokes to turn the gears. Go through the gate, activate the turbine

B2 Turbine

Link glides below the ship to access the B2 turbine

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The B2 turbine is right at the bottom of the ship. Jump off the eastern side and glide down and under the ship. You may need to use Tulin’s gust ability part of the way down to push Link inwards to the door. Activate the turbine and make your way back up.

Use Ascend to get back to the deck and activate the portal to begin the fight again the Wind Temple dungeon boss!

Colgera – Wind Temple dungeon boss

Colgera's title screen

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The fight against Colgera is all about breaking the icy protection on its belly while gliding, diving, and avoiding tornadoes. Begin by diving down to Colgera and then gliding. The trick is to dive and glide until you’re at an even level with Colgera. At this point, use the bow while falling to slow down time. This will let Link fire off a barrage of arrows into the boss’s frozen weakpoints.

Link fires an arrow at Colgera's weakpoint

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Standard arrows don’t tend to travel very far, so you will need to glide as close to the boss as you can get. Quickly fire off the arrows until the ice shatters. Fire an arrow at the purple heart within to take off a chunk of health.

Colgera flies up from a portal to bite Link

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Colgera will fly into a portal each time Link removes a chunk of health. It will then burst out of another portal and try to snap at Link. Keep gliding and looking around to avoid getting hit. Quickly dodge out of the way by getting Tulin to gust Link in a direction. As its trying to snap at Link, use this to nail its other weakpoints with arrows. This can help fracture the frozen parts faster.

Colgera summons tornadoes

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When half of Colgera’s health is gone, it will summon several tornadoes. These will blow Link off course and damage his health. Try to avoid them by getting Tulin to gust Link around. Now it’s just a matter of destroying the three weakpoints again!

Link fires an arrow into Colgera's back as it uses its spike attack

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Colgera has another trick up its sleeve that it may or may not use. It will fire spikes off its back in an attempt to hit Link. This will actually expose its weakpoints from above, giving you another chance at damaging it.

Once six weakpoints are destroyed, Colgera will be defeated and the Wind Temple will be saved. At this point, a cutscene will play out, Link will receive the ability to summon a spirit version of Tulin to use gust, and Tulin of Rito Village will be completed. Now you can either complete the other Regional Phenomena quests or continue on with the next main objective. For more walkthroughs, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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