How to unlock the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Allow this guide to lift you up so that you can unlock the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower in Tears of the Kingdom.


If you’re standing outside the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower in Tears of the Kingdom wondering how to get inside, you’re not the only one. This isn’t a difficult tower to unlock, but the solution could elude you if you missed the clues on approach. This guide will have the tower unlocked for you in just a moment.

Unlock the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower

The Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower can be found at coordinates -2430, -2177, 0307 in the Gerudo Desert region of Tears of the Kingdom. The temperature in this area can be quite warm, so approaching players should take heat resistance into account. When you arrive, take note of all the scaffolding and elevators nearby, as well as the metal boxes next to the tower. Using Ultrahand, fuse three metal boxes together and carry them to the nearby elevator, noting that there is no counterweight at this point. Use Ultrahand again to attach the boxes as the missing counterweight. The elevator will rise, bringing Sawson with it. Sawson is a worker who will have the tower operational in no time.

Once you head inside the tower you can activate it to be shot into the sky. This will reveal the full Gerudo Desert region of the map, giving you the upper hand for your exploration. You can get the upper hand in all things related to Link’s adventure with our Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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