Sonapan Shrine (Missing Pathways) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Move bricks and use Ascend to bridge the missing pathways in the Sonapan Shrine.


On the side of Satori Mountain, surrounded by an apple orchard, is the Sonapan Shrine. This shrine only has a couple of rooms and all of them require Link to use a box in order to progress to the end. With a little bit of jumping, he’ll also be able to claim a chest.

Sonapan Shrine (Missing Pathways)

The Sonapan Shrine (Missing Pathways) is located to the west of Hyrule Field, on the eastern side of Satori Mountain. This mountain is along the river that borders Hyrule Ridge to the south. You can find it at coordinates: -1920, -0353, 0228. The goal of this shrine is to move blocks to create paths for Link to traverse.

A brick is placed in a corner, a chest is on a shelf in the background

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A block is placed up on a ledge

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Enter the shrine and immediately use Ascend on the overhang to get to the next level. Go to the right and bring the brick around to the left side. Place it at the corner and move the sliding brick over to the chest. Use Ascend on the overhang, jump to the brick at the corner, and then jump to the chest. Now place the corner brick onto the ledge and use Ascend beneath it to reach the gate.

Link runs into a new room, a block is on his left, and a small pool of water sits below an elongated ledge

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In the next room, grab the brick from the left and place it in the water below the segment on the wall. Use Ascend on the nook where you grabbed the brick to reach a higher level. Glide down to the brick and use Ascend again to reach the top.

With the Sonapan Shrine completed you’ll earn another Light of Blessing and be one step closer to getting a Heart Container or Stamina Vessel. Stop by our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for help with all the other shrines in the game.

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