How to get a house - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

You can build and customize the home of your dreams in TotK.


Just like in Breath of the Wild, Tears of the Kingdom allows Link to acquire a house of his own. Nintendo has greatly expanded on the features and customization options of home ownership this time around, it should definitely be something on your checklist. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to get a house in TotK.

How to get a house

Link buying a house from Rhondson.
You can buy a house from Rhondson in Tarrey Town for 1,500 rupees after completing the Mattison's Independence Side Adventure.

To get a house, you’ll first need to complete the Mattison’s Independence Side Adventure. Make your way to Tarrey Town, which is located in Northeast Hyrule, just southeast of the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower. Speak with Hudson, a character that you may remember from Breath of the Wild. He and his wife, Rhondson, will lament the fact that their daughter, Mattison, will soon have to move to Gerudo Town. Follow this storyline until Hudson builds the balloon and you all see Mattison off on her journey.

Once you’ve finished this Side Adventure, speak to Rhondson at Hudson Constructions. She will offer you a plot of land to build your dream house for 1,500 rupees. Pay the fee and head to the plot of land on the cliff southeast of Tarrey Town. Speak with Granteson and he’ll get you started off with two rooms for your home, a foyer and a bedroom.

The menu of purchasable rooms in Tears of the Kingdom.

In TotK, you can actually build the house yourself. The two starter rooms will be placed in the world, and you can use Ultrahand to move and assemble them as you please. Speak with Granteson when you’re done building to lock the changes in place. You can speak with Granteson again to purchase additional rooms, like a kitchen, gallery, blessing room, and more.

Now that you know how to get a house in TotK, you’re ready to create the home of your dreams! If you’re looking for more helpful guides on Tears of the Kingdom, our strategy guide has everything you need to know.

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