Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Marakuguc Shrine tasks Link with using wheels to do some wonderful things, from crossing lava to corralling balls.


Zonai vehicles are some of the best ways to get around in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom but the Marakuguc Shrine takes it a step further and shows how else they can be used. The Wheeled Wonders shrine has Link moving bridges, crossing lava, and even scooping up balls with ease.

Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders)

The Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders) is found in Eldin overlooking Goron City to the west of Death Mountain. Find the shrine at the following coordinates: 1763, 2511, 0436. The shrine is fairly straight forward, though it does require a bit of Ultrahand in order to complete it.

Link crosses a bridge that he attached together using Ultrahand

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A two-wheeled vehicle drags a bridge across lava

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As you enter the shrine, connect the broken bridge together using Ultrahand to cross the gap. On this next section, attach the bridge to the back of the block that has wheels. Give the wheels a smack and watch as it pulls the bridge taut, allowing you to safely cross the lava.

Link rides a Zonai vehicle across lava

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Now attach the two plates together to create a four-wheeled vehicle. Jump on and ride it over the lava, being sure to hold on tight as it goes over the bumps. When you reach the other side, use Ascend under the ledge to reach the upper area.

A ramp leans up against a wall so Link can reach a chest

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A vehicle scoops up balls and pushes them under a grate

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The higher level will have a Construct to defeat and a chest up high. Grab the bracket from the floor and position it up against the chest pillar to form a sort of ramp. Run up, grab the chest, and then attach the bracket to the front of the vehicle in the room to make a sort of scoop. The goal is to push all the balls into the dish. If it misses any, grab them and roll them under the grate.

Head under the gap, through the door, and claim your Light of Blessing. That’s all there is to the Marakuguc Shrine (Wheeled Wonders). While it might not be the most challenging shrine, it is technically very impressive. For more walkthroughs, check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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