Sepapa Shrine (Backtrack) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Backtrack through time in the Sepapa Shrine to earn Link another Light of Blessing.


Moving objects backwards through time with Recall is an important ability and one that the Sepapa Shrine (Backtrack) looks to teach you. There’s some tricky time puzzles at play in this shrine and we’ve got the solution for you below, including how to nab the bonus chest.

Sepapa Shrine (Backtrack)

The Sepapa Shrine (Backtrack) is found in the north-northeast of Central Hyrule, on a small section of land between Hyrule Castle and Crenel Hills. Head to the following coordinates to find it: 0221, 1084, 0028. This shrine’s trick is all about using Recall to move objects backward through time.

Link uses Recall on a platform to reach a higher level

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Enter the shrine and use Recall on the platform in the first room. This will make it move clockwise, allowing Link to reach the upper level.

Link stands on a wooden pallet holding a torch

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In the second room, the goal is to light the two torches by the door. To do this, grab the torch and ride the wooden pallet to the other side. As you’re going, use the braziers in the middle to light the door, set the leaves on fire, and then open your bonus chest to get a Strong Construct Bow!

Link rides a wooden pallet while it is being Recalled

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Now, wait for a wooden pallet to get to you and then use Recall on it. This will make the pallet flow backward towards the door and unlit braziers. While on the pallet, light your torch on the center flames and don’t put it away. Disembark on the other side and light the braziers.

A ball has been Recalled and its path is marked out

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The last room is the trickiest but also the most rewarding. When the ball is in a dish, a door along the ramp opens. The goal is to have the ball move backward, sit in one socket, and then move up the incline and sit in the last socket.

Link stands near a closed gate watching a ball being Recalled

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To do this, put the ball in the top dish, wait a second, and then put it in the bottom dish. Wait a moment and then carry the ball toward the ramp with the gate. Cast Recall on the ball and watch as it backtracks the way it came. Move through the doors as soon as they open.

Now that you’ve mastered Recall and backtracking objects through time in the Sepapa Shrine, keep your eyes peeled for other opportunities to manipulate the flow of time. Find more shrine walkthroughs in our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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