Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Dodge lasers in the Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above) in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with our written and video guide.


The Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above) in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom makes Link feel like he’s in a Mission Impossible movie. You’ll need to leap over, crouch under, and maneuver around lasers to reach the end. Don’t forget to reach the bonus chest for a helpful reward.

Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above)

The Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above) is located in Hebra at the top of Corvash Peak at coordinates: -3356, 2387, 0361. This shrine is all about dodging lasers, moving blocks, and using Ascend. If you touch a laser, the ground will open up and Link will fall to his death.

Map showing the location of the Sahirow Shrine (Aid From Above)

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Enter the shrine and jump over the first laser. In the next hallway, crouch under and move through the lasers to the steps on the side. Use them to run and jump over the trio of lasers along the ground.

A block obstructs a laser
Blocking the laser will raise the bars near the chest.
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Use Ascend on the moving platform to reach the next level. A chest is locked behind bars to the right. Pass under the laser and use Ultrahand to move the block into the laser. This will cause the floor to open and the bars to move. Grab your loot and then remove the block so the floor returns.

Link uses Ascend to avoid a laser grid
Use Ascend on the moving structure to avoid the lasers.
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The next few hallways are about dodging lasers while on the move. In the first hallway, just jump over the laser. In the second hallway, crouch under the laser. In the final hallway, use Ascend to get on top of the moving block that the laser grid is attached to.

Run to the end, touch the panel, and receive your Light of Blessing. You’ll be one step closer to getting another bump in hearts or stamina. Be sure to check out our collection of shrine guides to help you solve any problem you face. There’s also our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for our comprehensive coverage.

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