Zanmik Shrine (Scoop it Out) walkthrough - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Use the power of the Ultrahand in the Zanmik Shrine to scoop out balls and solve puzzles.


The Zanmik Shrine is a short puzzle with only a single room to solve. While there are no doubt a couple of solutions, this guide will show you how to properly scoop out a ball and where to find the hidden chest so you can get a Strong Zonaite Longsword.

Zanmik Shrine (Scoop it Out)

The Zanmik Shrine (Scoop it Out) is located in Necluda in Hateno Village, a small town between East Necluda, Mount Lanayru, and the Necluda Sea. It’s sitting up on a hill overlooking the small village. You can find it at the following coordinates: 3469, -2179, 0148. The goal of this shrine is to use the wheel and plates provided to scoop a ball out and into the dish.

Link uncovers a secret chest hidden in a ball pit

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Enter the shrine and then immediately drop down to the lower level. The bonus chest can be found in the ball pit, along the wall near the electrical wiring on the floor. You’ll have to use the Ultrahand to move some of the balls.

Link creates a four-sided box

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To solve the puzzle, grab four of the square plates and attach them together to make a four-sided box. Now, attach it to the wheel so that it creates a sort of scoop. Take the last plate and put it over the two nodes on the ground to connect the power and start the wheel.

Link uses Ultrahand to place a ball in a box

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If you’ve placed the cube correctly, it should scoop up at least one ball. You can always stand on the opposite side, use Ultrahand to pick up a ball, and drop it into the scoop as it comes up. This way you’re guaranteed to get one. Go back to the top floor and wait for the ball to reach the top and roll down the slope and into the dish.

An alternative solution would be to attach all the balls together and create some kind of massive chain that you can grab from the top. You just need to get one ball in the dish and the way out will open. With the Zanmik Shrine solved, you’ll no doubt be looking to unlock even more, so check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for locations on the others!

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