Orochium Shrine (Courage to Fall) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

What is seemingly a difficult Shrine is made easy with our full written and video walkthrough.


At first glance, the Orochium Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom appears daunting. However, this Shrine is no big deal when you know what you’re doing. With our guide, you’ll be through in just a few minutes.

Orochium Shrine (Courage to Fall)

The Orochium Shrine is located at coordinates -1636, 2641, 0239. It sits southeast of the Pikida Stonegrove Skyview Tower, and northwest along the road from South Tabantha Snowfield. This region is cold, so having Cold Resistance is necessary as you travel the area looking for the Shrine.

When you enter, head down the ramp and to the left, where you’ll find a lone enemy. It will hear you if you sprint up to it, but it’s easy enough to knock off the ledge or dispatch with a few swipes from your weapon of choice. When it’s down, position yourself under the nearby platform and use Ascend to get on top of it. Climb the nearby ladder, then crouch and walk under the wall, turning right as you exit the little tunnel.

The enemy below is easy work. Shoot it with arrows from above or drop down with an aerial attack. When it’s down, continue around the next corner to find another foe that must be dealt with. After taking out the second enemy, loot the chest and backtrack a few feet to the stairs. Use your Ultrahand to open the door.

An image of a map showing the location of the Orochium Shrine (Courage to Fall) in Tears of the Kingdom

Run forward and directly into the first laser, which will see the floor drop out and you fall. That’s fine, when you are on solid ground again, move forward without touching any of the other lasers. Use Ascend at the end of the corridor to reach the stairs above you. Loot the chest in the room to obtain a Small Key.

With your back to the chest, a mere foot or two away, Ascend again and you’ll see a barred room with two enemies, one on either side. If they haven’t spotted you, take out the one on the right using an arrow and Bomb Flower, just to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed if your weapons are up to the task yet. With both gone, use the small key on the barred room.

Pick up the ball in the room, exit, and go back up the stairs, turning to your right. Wait for the elevator to arrive, then step on with the ball raised above your head. Exit the elevator at the top, walk up the nearby stairs, and drop the ball in the hole, opening the door to find the fan-powered wing inside.

Remove the wing and place it on the track facing the ledge. Use your Ultrahand to attach the ball to the center of the wing, then smack the fans with your melee weapon. The device will sail back into the main part of the Shrine where you entered, tumbling to the ground. You can use your Paraglider to reach the bottom, where you’ll once again use Ultrahand to retrieve the ball and place it in the nearby hole. This will open the nearby door, allowing you to complete the Shrine.

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