Kitawak Shrine (Upward and Forward) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Create bridges to move forward and fling Link upward to reach the end of the Kitawak Shrine


The Kitawak Shrine in Geurdo Desert teaches Link the basics about making bridges. It’s also an opportunity to send Link soaring into the sky using a makeshift catapult. Here’s how to solve the Upward and Forward shrine for your next bit of Light of Blessing.

Kitawak Shrine (Upward and Forward)

The Kitawak Shrine (Upward and Forward) is located in the Gerudo Desert region on the East Gerudo Mesa, the mountain ridge that separates the desert from its neighbouring region of Farron. Locate the shrine at these coordinates: -1529, -2928, 0321. This shrine uses planks to create bridges and catapults to launch Link.

Link runs over a ramp that's made of two long planks

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Enter the shrine and grab the plank. Attach the short edge to the upright bridge and watch it lower down to the other side. Walk across, remove the plank, and attach it to the turning gear. Use this moving platform to reach the other side where you’ll find a chest.

Link makes a zigzag seesaw using two planks attached to a third that's on an axle

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Get back to the main platform and use the same bit of plank on the seesaw to create a sort of ramp. Grab the second plank by the fence and attach it to the seesaw to create a ramp. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to allow you to jump to the next level.

Link stands at the low point of a ramp that's attached to a wall above a piston
Shoot the pillar to activate the piston. If you're in the right spot, Link will get flung up into the air.
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Turn around, grab a plank, and attach it to the next one to create a long arm. Stand toward the end and shoot the pillar to activate the piston, sending Link flying into the air. Glide to the end of the shrine and enjoy your reward. Stuck on some of the tougher shrines? We’ve got guides for each one in our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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