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Learn how water can be used to charge batteries in the Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water).


Deep in Lanayru is a shrine, the Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water), which quite fittingly teaches Link about hydroelectricity. By using moving water, Link will be able to power doors, elevators, and more. Here’s how to solve this shrine and claim another Light of Blessing.

Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water)

The Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water) is located in Lanayru in Zora’s Domain at coordinates: 3298, 0425, 0112. This shrine teaches Link about powering batteries using water and the using batteries to open doors and power Zonai devices.

Map showing the location of the Mogawak Shrine (The Power of Water)

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Run down the slope and grab the empty battery that’s by the elevator. Take it to the right and place it on the small platform by the wall. Use Ultrahand to attach the two boards to the wheel. The idea is to create spokes for the water to push. When the water starts moving the wheel, the battery will charge.

Link charges a battery using the power of water

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A battery powers two balls in water to open a gate

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Take the battery to the opposite side of the room and place it on the platform. Cross the water to the door and then use Ultrahand to move the two balls together – this will cause the electricity to pass through them and open the door. Grab the chest, disconnect the balls, and then charge the battery again.

The battery powers an elevator Link is standing on

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Now, take the battery to the elevator. Jump into the basket and then put the battery on the platform to activate it. At the top is your final reward: Another Light of Blessing! With that done, you best got on to solving more shrines so you can increase Link’s heart container and stamina vessels. For more walkthroughs, check out the Shacknews Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide.

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