How to get the Korok Mask - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Unlock the Korok Mask to make it much easier to find those well-hidden Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom.


There are a few masks to find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and one of the most useful might just be the Korok Mask. This mask shakes whenever Link is close to a Korok Seed, which makes it much easier finding the hundreds of little critters. Before you can do that, though, you’ll need to actually find and unlock the Korok Mask.

How to get the Korok Mask

A map showing the Forest Coliseum in the Depths

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The Korok Mask is located in the Depths in the Forest Coliseum at coordinates -0147, 2381, -0621. This is the area of the Depths directly below the Great Hyrule Forest. To access this area, enter the Depths using the Minshi Woods Chasm and head northwest. The coliseum is in the northwest corner of the circular Korok Grove section.

Link takes aim at a Black Hinox

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There will be bananas leading into the coliseum – a clear trap. Picking up the one in the middle will initiate a boss fight against Black Hinox. The best way to deal with this enemy is to shoot it in the eye. When it’s sitting on the ground covering its eye, run up and hit it until it stands back up again. You’ll need to aim and shoot quickly, as it will cover its eye if it sees you aiming at it.

Once the Black Hinox is defeated, you’ll be able to access the chest in the back of the room. This chest contains the Korok Mask!

How to use the Korok Mask

Using the Korok Mask is as easy as equipping it in the armor tab. The mask’s description says it “shakes when one is nearby.” Whenever you’re wearing the Korok Mask and you are near a Korok, it will begin shaking on Link’s face. This makes it much easier to find the 1,000 Koroks that are hidden around the map.

Link finds a Korok Mask in a chest
The Korok Mask will literally shake while you're wearing it whenever you're near a Korok Seed.
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If you see the mask shaking, take a moment to look around the area for anything odd. Perhaps there is a rock formation or a flower that needs your attention? Alternatively, there could be a Korok leaf marking on the ground, ceiling, or side of what you’re standing on.

Unfortunately, the Korok Mask only provides one point of armor, so don’t go thinking it will keep Link protected. Leave that job for the Soldier armor.

After finding the Korok Mask, take some time to continue exploring the Depths. There are plenty of other discoveries to stumble upon including other masks and more valuables. Check out our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for more help locating important items!

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