Mayausiy Shrine (Building Blocks) walkthrough - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Manipulate blocks to solve puzzles in the Mayausiy Shrine.


You’ll find the Mayausiy Shrine deep in the Forgotten Temple in the northwestern part of the map. Located at coordinates -1166, 2602, -0083, this shrine features some tricky building puzzles, hence its nickname, Building Blocks. Luckily, this one isn’t too tough to figure out.

Mayausiy Shrine (Building Blocks) walkthrough

In the first room, you’ll see a completed square on the left and an incomplete square on the right. Your goal is to make the square on the right look like the one on the left. To do so, use Ultrahand to grab the pieces on the ground. Twist them around to fit onto the incomplete shape and make a square. The door will open and you can move forward. Before reaching the second room, you’ll have to defeat a Captain Construct.

In the second room, you’ll find a similar puzzle, but with three pieces this time. Before you work on the solution, turn the pieces into stairs to reach the platform in the corner of the room. Open the chest and receive a Large Zonai Charge. Now, use the three pieces to create a full cube on the ground, following the steps in the video embedded in this article. The final door will open, and you can claim your Light of Blessing and get out of the Shrine.

With the Mayausiy Shrine complete, you’re another step closer to earning another heart container or stamina vessel. If you’re looking for assistance with more Shrines, we got videos for them over on the Shacknews YouTube channel. For everything you need to know about The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, check out our strategy guide for the game.

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