The Dragon's Tears Quest - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The location of all the Dragon's Tears and the memories they unlock in Tears of the Kingdom.


Though there are a lot of Main Quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, The Dragon’s Tears might just be one of the most important. This quest has Link roaming all over Hyrule in search of geoglyphs and the droplets of dragon tears that lie within. Finding all of the geoglyphs and the tears will take a bit of effort, especially for the huge markings where the tear location isn’t immediately obvious.

The Dragon’s Tears

The Dragon’s Tears is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom that I recommend you finish before a lot of the other quests in the game. This quest is available right after completing Impa and the Geoglyphs. Impa will direct Link to meet her at the Forgotten Temple, a location that has slipped from the memory of Hyrule and that sits in a canyon in Hebra.

Map showing the location of the Forgotten Temple and the shrine within

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Navigate to Hebra using the surrounding Skyview Towers; Lindor’s Brow or Pikida Stonegrove are good options. Paraglide safely to the bottom of the ravine and head northeast to find the Forgotten Temple. Climb into the temple to find Cado by the hot air balloon. He will tell Link to meet Impa further in.

Work your way deeper into the temple to find Impa and the Mayausiy Shrine. Continue further still to find a large chamber with icons on an ancient map of Hyrule. Speak with Impa after the cutscene to update the quest, which now says Link must find the remaining 10 geogylphs.

Geoglyph & dragon tear locations

Use the following table as a quick reference for the location of the geoglyphs around Hyrule. As you approach a geoglyph, look for a tear shape that is the odd one out. It will be the only one filled in while all the others are hollow. Go to it and examine to see a memory. I'd recommend saving the Purah Pad and Master Sword geoglyphs until last.

The Dragon's Tears - Geoglyph locations
Location Memory Icon Coordinates
New Serenne Stable, Hyrule Ridge 03: Where Am I? Rauru -1412, 0963, 0124
Tabantha Hills, Hebra 04: An Unfamiliar World Castle -2552, 1886, 0319
Batrea Lake, West Necluda 06: The Gerudo Assault Molduga 0695, -1312, 0053
Sapphia's Table, Gerudo Highlands 07: A Show of Fealty Ganondorf -3178, -1702, 0419
Illumeni Plateau, Hyrule Ridge 08: Zelda and Sonia Sonia -3096, -0080, 0211
Gogobi Shores, South Necludea 09: Sonia Is Caught by Treachery Scimitar 3325, -3570, 0005
North Tabantha Snowfield, Hebra 10: Birth of the Demon King Helmet -1863, 3618, 0237
Talus Plateau, Lanayru 12: The Sages' Vow Secret Stone 4465, -0301, 0075
Mount Faloraa, Faron Grasslands 13: A King's Duty Gravestone -0649, -2685, 0068
Eldin Canyon, Eldin 05: Mineru's Counsel Purah Pad 1713, 0837, 0653
Eldin Mountains 15: A Master Sword in Time Master Sword 0892, 2948, 0363
Rist Peninsula, Akkala Highlands 17: Tears of the Dragon N/A 4534, 2141, 0001

Each geoglyph will unlock one Memory in the Adventure Log. There will be a couple of memories that are missing, which means they are unlocked through other quests.

New Serenne Stable, Hyrule Ridge: -1412, 0963, 0124

Link glides down to the dragon tear of Rauru in New Serenne Stable

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The first geoglyph is the one you find when first meeting Impa as part of the quest, Impa and the Geoglyphs. This is required to start the Dragon’s Tears quest and unlocks the second memory, Where Am I? The marking is of Rauru and the tear is in the eye on the right.

Tabantha Hills, Hebra: -2552, 1886, 0319

A picture of a castle is marked on the side of a cliff

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Map showing the location of the geoglyph in Tabantha Hills

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The second geoglyph is found in Hebra, on the Tabanatha Hills. The icon looks like a castle or a fortification. Picking up the tear will unlock the fourth memory, An Unfamiliar World. Locate the tear in the center of the picture.

Batrea Lake, West Necluda:  0695, -1312, 0053

Link dives down to the geoglyph of a molduga

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A map showing the location of the molduga geoglyph

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This geoglyph looks like a molduga creature and is located in the forest near Batrea Lake, an area in West Necluda. The teardrop can be found in the forest. Examining the tear will unlock the memory, The Gerudo Assault.

Sapphia's Table, Gerudo Highlands: -3178, -1702, 0419

Link glides above a canyon where a depiction of Ganondorf is etched into the wall

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Map showing the location of the Sapphia's Table geoglyph

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Head to Gerudo Highlands to find this next geoglyph. The highland is the mountainous region that borders Gerudo and Hyrule Field. The giant marking is of Ganondorf kneeling. Interacting with this teardrop will unlock the memory, A Show of Fealty. The tear is toward the top, on what would be Ganondorf’s shoulder.

Illumeni Plateau, Hyrule Ridge: -3096, -0080, 0211

Map showing the location of Illumeni Plateau

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Next is a marking just north of the last one. Head into Hyrule Ridge and look for Illumeni Plateau to find the geoglyph of Sonia. This one unlocks the eighth memory, Zelda and Sonia.

Gogobi Shores, South Necluda: 3325, -3570, 0005

A pointed peninsula curves out below Link who is diving to the ground

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A map shows the location of Gogobi Shores

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This geoglyph is in the opposite corner of the map, down in South Necluda in a part of the beach called Gogobi Shores. The icon is that of a curved blade. You’ll find the teardrop in a part of the hilt. This memory is, Sonia Is Caught by Treachery.

North Tabantha Snowfield, Hebra: -1863, 3618, 0237

Link glides high above a geoglyph of the gloom

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A map with Birth of the Demon King highlighted

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Back up to Hebra for this next geoglyph. In the Tabantha Tundra is a region called North Tabantha Snowfield. The marking appears to be either a mask or gloom hands. This one unlocks the memory, Birth of the Demon King. The tear is on the left side of the picture.

Talus Plateau, Lanayru: 4465, -0301, 0075

Link soars through the sky above a marking of a secret stone

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A map shows the location of the secret stone geoglyph

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You’ll find this dragon’s tear in Lanayru, right on the edge of the map, south of Lanayru Sea on a piece of land called Talus Plateau. This geoglyph depicts a secret stone and unlocks the memory, The Sages’ Vow. The tear is on the longest part of the stone, toward the north.

Mount Faloraa, Faron Grasslands: -0649, -2685, 0068

A map showing the location of the memory, A King's Duty

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Faron is where you’ll find this next geoglyph. Look for Faron Grasslands and then zoom in further by Lake Hylia to spot Mount Faloraa. The icon is of a gravestone and unlocks the memory, A King’s Duty. The tear is up on the hill, in part of the flower.

Eldin Canyon, Eldin: 1713, 0837, 0653

A bird's eye view of the Purah Pad geogylph

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A map showing the location of the Purah Pad geoglyph

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Head over to Eldin and search for the geoglyph that looks like the Purah Pad. This will unlock the fifth memory, Mineru’s Counsel. The tear is in the center of the picture.

Eldin Mountains: 0892, 2948, 0363

Link dives down toward a geoglyph of the Master Sword etched onto a mountain

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Map showing the location of the Master Sword marking

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The final dragon’s tear to collect before the quest continues is in Eldin, specifically, Eldin Mountains. The marking is of the Master Sword with the tear right at the tip of the blade. Examining this tear will reveal the memory, A Master Sword in Time.

Rist Peninsula, Akkala Highlands: 4534, 2141, 0001

A map of Rist Peninsula for the last Dragon's Tear

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Though not one of the ten geoglyphs, this final dragon tear is needed to complete the quest. Find it in the spiral arm on the eastern side of Hyrule, at the edge of the Akkala Highlands.

Once The Dragon’s Tears Main Quest is completed, you can go right ahead and unlock the Master Sword. Be sure to check out our Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Strategy Guide for more Main Quest walkthroughs and guides on where to find unique armor sets.

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