Monster Hunter World Guide and Walkthrough

This Monster Hunter World guide will help you with every aspect of the game, including Iceborne guides to help you wrap your head around the new content.


This Monster Hunter World guide is an essential resource for players just picking up the game, and even those with hundreds of hours of beast-slaying experience. Whether you need help with a specific quest or a rare material, this guide will act as a hub for you to quickly find the information required to get back on the hunt. To streamline this process, we've provided a table of contents to help you navigate the collection of guides we've built up over the last couple of years.

Last updated on February 25, 2020 at 6:06 p.m. EST.

Table of Contents
Iceborne Guides Game Mechanics
Monster Guides Equipment guides
Material Guides Misc. Guides

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guides

General Iceborne Guides
How to start Monster Hunter World: Icborne Learn how to unlock the Iceborne DLC in Monster Hunter World.
How long to beat Monster Hunter World: Iceborne We'll break down how many hours you can expect to spend in Icborne.
Tips for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Some quality tips to help you power through the early hours of Iceborne.
How to use the Clutch Claw in Monster Hunter World Learn to use the Clutch Claw to make all your hunts easier in MHW.
All Monsters in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne A list of monsters that are specific to the Iceborne DLC.
How to unlock the Raider Ride Unlock the Raider Ride to take your personal small monster Uber in MHW.
How to use the Steamworks Iceborne Learn how the Steamworks functions so you can snatch up all those resources.
Leon and Claire Resident Evil armor Unlock armor that looks like Leon and Claire from Resident Evil.
What is a Steam Ticket in Iceborne? If you're not sure what to do with your Steam Ticket, this guide is for you.
Deliver Hot Spring Stones in Iceborne A written and video guide to help you deliver Hot Spring Stones quickly.
Unlock Master Rank 50 - Monster Hunter World If you're stuck at MR 49, this guide will help you get over the hump.
Xiphias Gladius Great Sword crafting guide Just in case you want to hit monsters with a giant, frozen tuna. For real.
Juicy Well-Done Hammer crafting guide A guide for those who want to hit monsters with the cooked thigh of a beast.
Increase region levels in the Guiding Lands Learn how to level up regions and spawn monsters in the Guiding Lands.
Guiding Lands regional monster list A series of tables to track which monsters spawn in the Guiding Lands.
Iceborne Monster Weaknesses
Nightshade Paolumu weakness guide Read this guide if you're facing the Nightshade Paolumu for the first time.
Viper Tobi-Kadachi weakness guide Learn what tools to bring if you must take down the Viper Tobi-Kadachi.
Beotodus weakness guide This guide will discuss the elements you should bring to fight the Beotodus.
Banbaro weakness guide A high-level breakdown on the weaknesses and challenges of Banbaro.
Brachydios weakness guide This monster sucks, but it sucks a lot less when you know what you're doing.
Tigerx weakness guide Learn what elements the Tigerx is weak to and smash this fool good.
Barioth weakness guide A Barioth can be a tough fight early in Iceborne, so prepare with our guide.
Rajang weakness guide Rajang is a tough fight, so prepare for it with our weakness guide.
Iceborne Materials and Resources
How to get Obsidian Icetalon in MHW Learn the various methods to acquire this Rarity 10 material.
What's an Ancient Fragment for in MHW? This guide will explain what to do with that Ancient Fragment you have.
How to get Hero King Coin You're in for a real fight if you want to acquire a Hero King Coin or two.
How to get Gold Wyverian Print Here are some reliable ways to acquire Gold Wyverian Print in MHW.
Afflicted Frenzybone locations Find out where to get Afflicted Frenzybone in the Guiding Lands.
How to get Twisted Stouthorn You'll need to meet some very specific conditions to get this material.
Purecrystal farming locations If you're farming for Purecrystal, this guide will give you the best locations.
How to get Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate Yet another obscure material that you can only get from a specific beast.

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Game mechanics

How to play co-op with friends Learn how to team up with friends to play Monster Hunter World in co-op.
PC keyboard controls and key bindings Full breakdown of the PC key bindings and controls, update for Iceborne.
Is Monster Hunter World split-screen? Nothing is better than couch co-op, but can you do that in MHW?
How to make Zenny fast in MHW Keep your pockets full and make Zenny fast with these helpful tips.
When to sell trade-in items Should you sell trade-in items right away, or hang onto them for a bit?
What are Research Points in Monster Hunter World? Everything you need to know about Research Points and how to earn them.
What is Affinity in Monster Hunter World? Get a thorough understanding of Affinity and how it works in MHW.
Monster Ailments and charms - Monster Hunter World List of each monster, the ailments they can inflict, and the charms toc counter.
Weakness Exploit explained Understanding the Weakness Exploit skill and how it works.
What is a Tailraider Voucher? Find out what to do with that Tailraider Voucher burning a hole in your pocket.
How to stop Bleeding in Monster Hunter World There are several ways to stop Bleeding, and you should know them all.
Is Monster Hunter World cross platform? More and more games are going cross platform, but is MHW one of them?
What to do with Lucky Vouchers Find out what to do with the Lucky Voucher you got in the rewards screen.
How the Melding Pot works in Monster Hunter World Go visit the Elder Melder once we explain how this contraption works.
How to unlock High Rank quests If you're new to MHW, learn how to unlock High Rank quests.
Increase Hunter Rank fast in Monster Hunter World Learn how to increase your HR and MR to access new activities and quests.

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Monster guides

All monsters in Monster Hunter World A complete list of every monster in MHW, including Iceborne and DLC.
All Brute Wyverns in Monster Hunter World List of all Brute Wyverns in Monster Hunter World, including Iceborne.
All Fanged Wyverns in Monster Hunter World List of all Fanged Wyverns in Monster Hunter World, including Iceborne.
??? Rathian investigation If you're stuck on the ??? Rathian investigation, we can help.
How to Kill the Odogaron in the Rotten Vale If this is your first time seeing an Odogaron, let us help you beat it.
Nergigante weakness guide Learn how to take on and defeat Nergigante, a powerful Elder Dragon.
Diablos weakness guide Study up on Diablos so you don't cart and let your team down.
Anjanath weakness guide Figure out where--and how hard--to hit an Anjanath to win the fight.
Tobi-Kadachi weakness guide Learn how to take on and defeat a Tobi-Kadachi, which is a giant squirrel.
Monster weakness explained Everything you need to know about how monster weakness works.
Monster weaknesses and ailments Take a look at the weakness and ailments each monster is vulnerable to.
How to trap a monster You get more rewards for trapping a monster, so learn how to pull it off.
How to capture pets in MHW You'll need pets for quest and, most importantly, to decorate your room.
How to mount monsters in MHW Learn how to mount monsters so you can bring them down for big damage.
Gettin' Yolked in the Forest quest A video guide on how to complete this quest with ease the first time.
How to Deliver Herbivore Eggs Learn how to deliver Herbivore Eggs without getting jumped in MHW.
Wiggle Me This quest walkthrough Complete the Wiggle Me This quest, which is kind of fun.
Sight all Monsters in the Elder's Recess Learn where to find all the monsters you must spot in the Elder's Recess.

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Weapons, armor, and equipment guides

Low Rank, High Rank, and Master Rank armor See a list of all armor in the game, including the necessary crafting materials.
Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn armor Unlock armor to make your look like Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn.
Get Aloy's bow in Monster Hunter World You've got the armor, now get Aloy's bow in MHW.
Get the Juicy Well-Done Hammer Just in case you want to hit monsters with a giant slab of meat.
Ryu armor in Monster Hunter World If you want to dress up like Ryu to fight monsters, now you can do that.
Insect Glaive upgrade tree Check out some of the early Insect Glaive weapons and how to craft them.
Great Sword upgrade tree Check out some of the base Great Swords and the materials to craft them.
Dual Blades upgrade tree Here are some early Dual Blades to craft and the materials you must have.
Hunting Horn upgrade tree Some early Hunting Horns to craft and the materials required to do so.
Unlock Mega Man armor in MHW Want to fight an Anjanath as Mega Man? Now you can do that with this armor.
Insect Glaive and Kinsects moves and guide Learn the moves for the Insect Glaive and Kinsects in Monster Hunter World.
Unlock all Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter World Just in case you end up on the hunt alone, get these Palico Gadgets.
Unlock all Mantles in MHW You're going to want every Mantle in the game to be properly geared up.
Death Stench Armor Find out how to unlock the Death Stench armor in MHW.
How to change armor pigment in Monster Hunter World In case you want some additional customization options while on the hunt.
Unlock Rainbow Pigment in MHW Here's how to unlock the popular Rainbow pigment in MHW.
How to farm decorations in MHW Decorations are vital to your build, so read up on how to farm them.

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Upgrade materials and collection guides

Earth Crystal locations in MHW Need Earth Crystal? We show you exactly where to find it.
Carbalite Ore locations Here's where you can find Carbalite Ore in MHW.
Coral Crystal locations in Monster Hunter World You're going to need a lot of Coral Crystal as you build weapons and armor.
Warped Bone locations Grab some Warped Bone and get busy crafting new gear.
Crafting list for Monster Hunter World Learn the recipes for each crafting option in the game.
How to get Elder Dragon Bone You'll need Elder Dragon Bone for some advanced crafting recipes.
Super Abalone locations Track down Super Abalone for that odd piece of gear you're trying to craft.
How to get Sharp Claw Sharp Claw can be obtained from a few specific monsters.
How to get Poison Sac It's really not hard to get your hands on, but here's how you do.
Where and how to catch Goldenfish If you need Goldenfish, we can help you catch some with this guide.
Lumps of Meat Complete The Meat of the Matter by gathering Lumps of Meat.
Forgotten Fossils locations Learn where you can collect Forgotten Fossils in Monster Hunter World.
How to get Piercing Claw Learn which monsters will give you Piercing Claw for your crafting needs.
How to get Nourishing Extract Learn how to get Nourishing Extract for a vital crafting recipe.
How to get Sleep Sac Learn which monsters to target if you need to gather some Sleep Sac.
How to get Majestic Horn Find out how you can get your hands on some Majestic Horn in MHW.
Ivory locations in Monster Hunter World In case you need a few bits of Ivory to craft a trap or two in MHW.
Hornetaur Head, Shell, and Wing You get these from the same source, but they can be pain to find.
Vespoid locations in Monster Hunter World Find out where you can track down a group of Vespoid for farming.
How to get Vespoid Innerwing Learn how to get Vespoid Innerwing, now that you've found the Vespoid.
How to get Thunder Sac Learn what monsters to slay to get Thunder Sac in MHW.
What is Elderseal? Learn all about Elderseal and what it does in Monster Hunter World.
How to get Vaal Hazak Fang + Find out how you can get Vaal Hazak Fang + for all your crafting needs.
How to get Black Crystal Ticket Here's how you can get your hands on Black Crystal Ticket.
How to Get Throwing Knives Not sure how to get Throwing Knives? It's easier and harder than you think.
Might Seed locations Learn where you can go to collect Might Seed in MHW.
How to get gems in MHW You will need gems for some High Rank crafting, and they are rare.
How to get Flame Sac Flame Sac is a real thing, and we're going to show you how to get it.
What is Silver Wyverian Print? Find out what to do with that fancy Silver Wyverian Print you have.
What are Golden Eggs? Just in case you're not sure what to do with Golden Eggs in MHW.
Find and catch Gunpowder Fish Stop wandering aimlessly and use our guide to find Gunpowder Fish.
Parashroom locations in MHW Go grab a couple Parashroom if you don't feel like growing your own.
How to earn Arena Coins If you need an Arena Coin or two, here's how you can get them.
How to get an Anjanath Gem in MHW Find out how to increase the odds of getting an Anjanath Gem in MHW.

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Other guides

Head to the New Campsite If you're not sure where to go, let us guide you to the new campsite.
Piscine Researcher Critical Bounties Here's a list of all Piscine Researcher Critical Bounties in MHW.
Where to find the First Wyverian Early in the game players will be tasked with finding a First Wyverian.
Where to Find the Celestial Pursuit This location is a lot closer than you may think, but we don't judge.
A Simple Task Quest How to complete the quest called A Simple Task in MHW.
Find All Gajalaka Doodles in Monster Hunter World This is a big one, and you'll want to find all Gajalaka Doodles in MHW.
83-MW1 error code in Monster Hunter World Learn all about this error code and what, if anything, can be done about it.
50152-MW1 error code in MHW If you're getting this error, we can help you understand what it means.
Failed to Join Quest error in Monster Hunter World Learn why you're getting the Failed to Join Quest error in MHW.

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Now that you're equipped with all the knowledge and info that you need, it's time to get out there and start hunting. Make sure to refer to this guide for any additional help as new DLCs and content release for Monster Hunter World.

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