Monster Hunter World Guide and Walkthrough

A Monster Hunter World guide to help you hunt monsters and collect resources.


Monster Hunter: World has finally hit Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and now PC, so all players around the globe can get in on the monster-hunting action. It's a big game with many complex mechanics at work, which is why we've put together this Monster Hunter: World guide to help you be the best hunter that you can.

Game Mechanics

How to Play Co-op with Friends in Monster Hunter World
Learn how to join a co-op session with a friend, send an SOS to recruit other players, or go on assigned quests with your friends. It's not a simple system, but we can help you understand it better.

What Are Research Points in Monster Hunter World?
Research points are a type of in-game currency that you can earn through quests and various activities. Learn what they are best used for so you can avoid spending them on unimportant items.

What is Affinity in Monster Hunter World?
In Monster Hunter World, Affinity has to do with your weapon and how much damage it can deal. Those numbers beside your weapon are not meaningless, so allow us to explain what it is you're working with.

What is the Weakness Exploit?
There are a lot of different skills in Monster Hunter World, and one of the most important will be the Weakness Exploit. If you want to deal as much damage to a monster as possible, you're going to want to know how to use this valuable skill.

What are Tailraider Vouchers in Monster Hunter World?
Once you unlock the Tailraider Safari and send your Palico's buddies on quests, you'll start to earn something called a Tailraider Voucher. This can be used at the Smithy, but it's not easy to figure out how it all works.

How to Stop Bleeding in Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World doesn't do a great job of letting you know when you're bleeding. Let us teach you how to recognize the signs and stop your hunter from bleeding out while you're hunting monsters.

Is Monster Hunter World Cross Platform?
Monster Hunter World released on PS4 and Xbox One, with PC coming later in 2018. Many of you are wondering if Monster Hunter World is cross platform, so we've taken the time to explain this to you.

What Do Lucky Vouchers Do in Monster Hunter World?
Lucky Vouchers are a good way to get more rewards from quests and activities, but you can easily waste them on unworthy events if you don't know what you're doing. Spend those Lucky Vouchers wisely.

How the Melding Pot Works in Monster Hunter: World
The Melding Pot can help you obtain vital resources in quick order, but it's another example of a Monster Hunter World system that isn't very intuitive. Know what you're doing before you start burning resources at the Melding Pot.

How to Unlock High Rank Content in Monster Hunter: World
High rank content is locked behind assigned quests in Monster Hunter World. Learn how to unlock high content, why you want to, and how you can go on high rank quests and expeditions.

How to Increase Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World
Your Hunter Rank is a mysterious stat at the beginning of the game, increasing when it wants and then doing nothing for a while. If you want to reach Level 100, you're going to need to know how to increase it manually.

Monster Guides

All Monsters in Monster Hunter World
A list of all the available monsters, large and small, that you’ll be hunting in the game. This list is ever-expanding, and will be updated with best means of killing said monster.

All Brute Wyverns in Monster Hunter World
Did you know that all the monsters in Monster Hunter World are actually wyverns? They might not look like dragons, but they all belong to various sub-species of the wyvern, and the Brute Wyvern is one of the first subsets you'll encounter.

Monster Hunter World - ??? Rathian and Pink Rathian
Find out what ??? Rathian is all about, including how to progress the quest, and then how to take on the Pink Rathian that has moved into the Coral Highlands

How to Kill the Nergigante in Monster Hunter World
First of all, do not give up. Killing the Nergigante in Monster Hunter World is not impossible, it's just extremely challenging. We lay out everything you need to do before hand, during, and after you finally hunt this Elder Dragon.

How to Kill the Diablos in Monster Hunter World
The Diablos likes to hang around Wildspire Waste in Monster Hunter World. It will be a tough fight with a very strong monster. Learn how to survive the Diablos fight, and even capture this monster and bring it back to Astera.

How to Kill the Anjanath in Monster Hunter World
The Anjanath is one of the biggest early tests in Monster Hunter World. Proper understanding of its weaknesses and how you should approach the battle are the difference between fainting and capturing.

How to Kill the Odogaron in Rotten Vale
The Odogaron can be a nightmare of a monster to fight. Again, by doing your homework and understanding what approach is best, you can turn a frustrating quest into a successful one.

How to Kill the Tobi-Kadachi in Monster Hunter World
The Tobi-Kadachi is a wiley beast in Monster Hunter World, often creating a lot of trouble when you try to kill it or capture it. Thankfully, by knowing its weaknesses and going in prepared, you can make quick work of this flying wyvern.

Monster Weaknesses, Elements, and Ailments Explained
Understanding the physiology of each monster is vital to taking it down and not fainting. Be sure to consult your Hunter's Notes before each fight, and bring the weapon that will make short work of each beast.

Monster Weaknesses and Ailments Quick-Reference Table
No need to go to the Research Center or open up your Hunter Journal, simply keep this article open to see all the monster weaknesses and ailments at a glance!

How to Trap a Monster in Monster Hunter World
Learn how to trap and capture a monster in Monster Hunter World. While intimidating at first, it's really a lot easier than killing it, and the capture of a monster will earn your greater rewards.

How to Capture Pets to Decorate Your Room
Pets in Monster Hunter World are a fun way to decorate your room. Learn about how you can catch the various pets (including fish), and how you can decorate your room with these harmless little critters.

How to Mount Monsters in Monster Hunter World
Learning how to mount a monster in Monster Hunter World is a vital skill. It allows you to change the course of some fights, giving your team a chance to heal up and recharge before delivering devastating damage.

Gettin' Yolked in the Forest Quest
Gettin' Yolked in the Forst is a hard quest if you don't know what you'e doing. We'll help you get the Wyvern Egg from the nest to your camp using the proper techniques. It will be easier than you could have ever imagined.

How to Deliver Herbivore Eggs
The quest "Gettin' Yolked in the Waste" tasks you with deliver a couple of herbivore eggs so that the Meowscular Chef can upgrade the canteen. But it's not as easy as pick one up and sprinting, you'll need to be careful and plot your path wisely. 

Wiggle Me This Quest
A new quest has unlocked for hunters in Monster Hunter World, and it rewards a ridiculous-looking helmet called the Wiggler Head. We take you through each step of unlocking this silly little piece of armor.

Sight all Monsters in the Elder's Recess
As part of your journey in the Elder's Recess, the Admiral will task you with sighting all the monsters in this ancient area. However, it can be a bit troublesome trying to track down and spot them, despite their large sizes.

Weapon, Armor, and Equipment Guides

All Armor Sets in Monster Hunter World
Take a look at all of the various armor sets available in Monster Hunter World. As we unlock high rank armor and find new gear, we'll be sure to update this page with additional information on the Monster Hunter World armor situation.

How to Unlock Horizon Zero Dawn Armor
As part of a PlayStation 4 exclusive quest, hunters can unlock the armor that Aloy wears in Horizon Zero Dawn. It's not a very long quest, but you'll need to play it a few times to get the materials you require.

How to Get Ryu in Monster Hunter World
Another quest you might find yourself enjoying is one that rewards hunters with a full set of armor that makes you look exactly like Ryu from Street Fighter. It's a bit of a challenging quest, so be sure to bring a friend along with you.

Insect Glaive and Kinsect Moveset and Explanation
I detail the nuances of the Insect Glaive and the Kinsect bug, a two-weapon combo that offers a lot of utility and aerial-combat potential. This is a weapon with a big learning curve best suited for highly skilled players

All Palico Gadgets in Monster Hunter: World
Learn about each Palico gadget and how to unlock it in Monster Hunter World. This includes two of our favorites, the Vigorwasp Spray and the Flashfly Cage. Each gadget has its strengths and weaknesses.

All Mantles in Monster Hunter: World
The Ghillie Mantle is probably the meta at this point, but don't sleep on others, like the Glider Mantle and the Waterproof Mantle, both of which can be game changers in the right circumstances.

How to Change Your Armor Color in Monster Hunter World
It's not enough to smash an Anjanath or Pink Rathian in the face, you have to look good doing it. This guide will help you change the armor color and pigment of your hunter, as well as your friendly Palico.

How to Unlock Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World
It's not enough that you want to change your armor color in Monster Hunter World, you want to know how to unlock the rainbow pigment, a highly coveted collectible that will really make you stand out.

How to Farm Decorations in Monster Hunter World
Decorations are important if you want to diversify your skill set and improve your hunter abilities in Monster Hunter World, the only problem is that they're difficult to acquire. However, there are ways you can easily farm up a truckload of these gems!

How to Unlock Aloy's Bow in Monster Hunter World
As part of a limited-time event, PlayStation 4 players can get their hands on the bow that Aloy uses in Sony's very own, Horizon Zero Dawn. You'll need to do a bit of grinding to unlock and craft this weapon, so come prepared.

Upgrade Materials and Collection Guides

Where to Find Earth Crystal, Upgrade Material
How to get your hands on plenty of Earth Crystal, a material you need if you want to upgrade weapons in Monster Hunter World. Like most resources, it's not about where you look so much as how far you've progressed.

Where to Get Carbalite Ore, Upgrade Material
Carbalite Ore, another resource that players will have to track down in Monster Hunter World to build and upgrade weapons. This ons is a bit tricky. You can know where to look without ever finding Carbalite Ore.

Where to Find Coral Crystal, Upgrade Material
Coral Cyrstal is an essential material in Monster Hunter World. Let us help you figure out why you can't find it, and what you need to do to start gathering Coral Cyrstal up by the bucket full.

Where to Find Warped Bone, Upgrade Material
If they Smithy is telling you that you need Warped Bone to craft something, you probably don't have the first clue as to where to look. We'll tell you where to get all the Warped Bone your hunter could ask for.

How to Get Elder Dragon Bone
There are a lot of materials to collect in Monster Hunter World, and one of the last rare items you'll need is the Elder Dragon Bone. As the name suggests, you'll need to hunt quite a few Elder Dragons to get your hands on these, but we've got you covered with our guide for the best way to do it.

How to Get Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World
Majestic Horn is one piece of armor material that is not going to be found easily, in fact, it's attached to one of the most ferocious and challenging monsters in the game. However, with the right setup and approach, you should be able to fill your pockets with enough Majestic Horn to create whatever you want.

Where to Find Ivy, Crafting Material
Pitfall Traps are crucial to trapping and capturing monsters, but it requires you to go out into the wilds of Monster Hunter World and gather up a rare plant called Ivy. Luckily, we know where it's hidden away.

Where to Find Hornetaur Head, Shell, and Wing
Resources in Monster Hunter World are often about being far enough along in the story more than knowing where to look. You will need to get some Hornetaur Head, Shell and Wing eventually, and we can help you find it.

Where to Find Vespoids in the Ancient Forest
One of the first Investigations available to you tasks you with hunting down and slaying 20 Vespoids, but if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be a tough mission to complete in time.

Monster Hunter World - How to Get Vespoid Innerwing
It's one thing to find Vespoid in Monster Hunter World, but killing them in such a way that you can carve their carcass for Vespoid Innerwing is a different story. Find out how to kill these flying creatures in a way that keeps them in one piece.

How to Get Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter World
Finding enough Thunder Sacs in Monder Hunter World can be challenging, especially when you need quite a few in order to upgrade weapons and create new armor. Learn where to find this resource and what you need to kill to get it.

Where to Get Flame Sac in Monster Hunter World
The Flame Sac is a required material in some of the flame-based weapons, so knowing where to find Flame Sac is absolutely essential if you want to improve your fire damage. Learn where to get your hands on this hot resource!

What is Silver Wyverian Print For?
We let you know how to use the Silver Wyverian Print in Monster Hunter World. Like most things you pick up, figuring out what it's used for is often the hardest part of the entire ordeal.

What Do Golden Eggs Do?
There are a lot of odd items you'll collect throughout your journey in Monster Hunter World, and one item is the Golden Egg. This is one of the many "trade-in only" items, but what does that mean, and should you keep them or sell them? 

Where to Find Gunpowder Fish
The Gunpowderfish is a humble aquatic lifeform in Monster Hunter World that is caught using a fishing rod, but unless you know where to look, it's going to be time-consuming to track down.

Where to Find Parashroom
Capturing your prey in Monster Hunter World requires you to use tranq bombs, and other paralysing tools, but in order to craft these, you're going to need a lot of parashroom. We point out the best locations to farm parashroom, and how you can begin growing your own. 

How to Get Arena Coins in Monster Hunter World
Arena Coins are a valuable resource if you want to create all the armor sets in the game, but getting every coin you need can be a bit challenging. We detail how to get your hands on more Arena Coins, as well as what to do with them if you're not too sure.

How to Get an Anjanath Gem in Monster Hunter World
So you decided to get Aloy's armor and bow and now you need Anjanath Gems? Join the club. This material is extremely rare, but there are ways you can improve your chances of getting them.

Other Guides

Head to the New Campsite in Monster Hunter World
An early quest wants you to establish a new campsite in Monster Hunter World. We'll help you navigate through this quest so you can get your journey off on the right foot.

Where to Find All Gajalaka Doodles in Monster Hunter World
As part of a quest to unlock a Palico gadget, you'll be tasked with tracking down 10 Gajalaka doodles across the various areas in Monster Hunter World. These tiny markings can be difficult to spot, unless you know where to look.

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