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How to Unlock Rainbow Pigment in Monster Hunter World

Deck your hunter out in colorful armor with the rainbow pigment in Monster Hunter World.


Crafting the perfect hunter in Monster Hunter World is more than just slaying monsters for their materials, it’s about dying your armor different colors. Probably the most sought-after color is the rainbow pigment, which is hidden behind a heck of a lot of content.

How to Unlock Rainbow Pigment

monster hunter world rainbow pigment
Once unlocked, the rainbow pigment will let you change the color of your armor to that of a rainbow!

Unlocking the rainbow pigment in Monster Hunter World is going to take a long time, as there are a lot of tasks that much be completed, with each taking a considerable amount of time to accomplish. But once you have it unlocked, you’ll be able to change the color of your armor to that of a rainbow. These are the tasks you must complete:

  • Capture all monsters
  • Complete all Optional quests
  • Reach Research Level 6 for 15 monsters at the Ecological Research Center
  • Reach Hunter Rank 49

As you can tell by the first task, knowing how to capture monsters is critical. You can check whether you have captured a monster by opening your Hunter’s Notes, going to Monster Field Guide, and then looking at the Ecology of the animals. Here you can see a counter of how many times you’ve hunted a monster, and of those hunts, how many ended in capture. It’s impossible to capture Elder Dragons, so don’t fret.

monster hunter world rainbow pigment quests
You will need to complete every single optional quest on your journey to unlock rainbow pigment.

The next task is to complete all optional quests. An important distinction must be made here, as it is possible for the Quest Board to state your optional quests are completed, when in fact they are not. If the “Completed” tag is blue, it means you have completed all currently unlocked missions, meaning there are more for you to acquire. Once the “Completed” tag turns orange, you’ll know all quests have been completed for that level. You will need to do this for each rank, up to HR 8 quests.

As a reminder, remember to visit the Research Base, which is another hub area in Monster Hunter World. Some of the NCPs in here will have quests for you, too.

rainbow pigment monster hunter world research level
Another step is to research 15 monsters to level 6.

The third task before you can unlock the rainbow pigment in Monster Hunter World is to research 15 monsters enough in order to make their entries at the Ecological Research Center reach Level 6. This can only be accomplished after you have unlocked High Rank content, as at the start of the game, the maximum is Level 3 or 4.

Finally, you will need to reach Hunter Rank 49. When you reach HR49, you will unlock the quest, Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands, which tasks you with hunting a Tempered Kirin. With the Kirin hunted, speak with the Commander to receive the final quest needed to unlock the rainbow pigment.

The quest you receive from the commander is called, The White Winds of the New World, and tasks you with completing a Special Arena. In this quest, you have 25 minutes to hunt a Legiana, Dodogaron, Diablos, and a Rathalos. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

You can check out Cloud8745’s video above for more information on the lead-up to unlocking the rainbow pigment in Monster Hunter World. You can also check out a Reddit post by Arikado_Xodan, which has some more valuable information. There’s a lot to do before you get your hands on it, but it’s worth it for those die-hard hunters out there. Monster Hunter World will continue to grow over time, so make sure you check out our coverage so you can keep up-to-date.

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