Tips for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Here are a few starting tips to get Monster Hunter World: Iceborne kicked off properly.


Monster Hunter World: Iceborne isn’t too different from the base game, but there are still a few things new to the experience that could throw players off. For this reason, I’ve put together some basic tips for players to follow going in.

Clutch Claw

Tips for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The Clutch Claw is a new mechanic that allows players to grapple onto a monster any time they desire. It isn’t always wise to do so, though, and Hunters should ensure that a monster is staggered before trying to hit it with the Clutch Claw. To read about it in more detail, check out the Clutch Claw guide that dives into the nitty-gritty details.

Hot Drink

The game will introduce players to the Hot Drink very early on in their time with Iceborne, but it’s very important to keep it in mind always while wandering around Hoarfrost Reach, the new region players will gain access to in Iceborne. The Hot Drink is made from Hot Peppers, and those are found all around the snowy region. Should Hunters notice their stamina bars depleting, a Hot Drink is in order.

Layered Armor

Players who jump into Iceborne will also be introduced to more layered armor. Layered armor fits over normal armor and doesn’t have an impact on stats or perks. Layered armor is strictly cosmetic and can be put on or taken off the same as normal armor. It also requires material to craft. Think of this as a way to look the way a Hunter should without messing with their actual build.

Master Rank

Master Rank is a new ranking system added to Iceborne. It works very similar to Low Rank and High Rank in that it will grant or deny access to certain quests based on level. Players can also craft Master Rank armor and weapons, meaning that characters can become even more powerful than they were before. Players can also flip between Master Rank and Low Rank/High Rank at the quest boards.


The Steamworks is a new activity added to the Seliana hub that can reward players with various items if they guess certain button combinations correctly. Once enough combinations have been guessed, the Steamworks will go into overdrive and special rewards can be earned. Watch the Felynes for tips on the correct order or read our in-depth guide on the Steamworks in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

For more help in Hoarfrost Reach, visit the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne topic to browse through our many guides and other Monster Hunter World coverage.

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