How to Get Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter World

There's a simple reason you're having trouble getting Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter World.


For me, the joy of Monster Hunter World is the beautiful web of progression that connects hunting monsters, harvesting materials and crafting new and better gear from your adventures. At least once per play session I find that I’m looking for a specific in-game item so I can craft a better weapon to hunt a tougher monster. Today, I was looking at some crafting requirements at the smithy when I began wondering how to get Thunder Sac in Monster Hunter World.

Thunder Sac - Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World - High Rank - Thundersac
Many items require Thunder Sac to craft.

After watching my SOS team faint three times while trying to kill Nergigante, I decided to hit the reset button and evaluate my gear before heading back into that fight. This is when I discovered that I knew all the required ingredients to craft the Lightning Punisher II, a Great Sword that does Thunder damage to its foes. Since Nergigante is vulnerable to Thunder, this seemed like a good upgrade. Unfortunately, I was missing one ingredient; Thunder Sac.

MHW - Thunder Sac | Tobi-Kadachi overview
The Tobi-Kadachi is a great monster to hunt if you're running low on Thunder Sac.

Thunder Sac is obtained by killing a Tobi-Kadachi. You can also try and capture the monster, but there’s a catch; you must be facing off against a high-rank Tobi-Kadachi. This means the quest or expedition must be at least six stars for you to have a chance at the Thunder Sac you need. This material is listed as a high rank reward only.

My suggestion to increase your odds of success is to bring along a Shock Trap or Pitfall Trap, and some Tranq Bombs. When the Tobi-Kadachi is severely wounded and headed back to its nest, put the Pitfall Trap on the ground to immobilize it, then smash it in the face with at least two Tranq Bombs. This will put the monster to sleep and end the quest.

There’s always a chance that you don’t get the Thunder Sac you were looking for. If that’s the case, you’ll need to load into another high rank Tobi-Kadachi quest and try one more time. If you have a Lucky Voucher to burn, put that on to not only increase the money you earn but also guarantee that you end up with all the random rewards that can drop. If you have a Tobi-Kadachi quest available in the arena, that would be the best place to fight it.

MHW - How to get Thunder Sac
Heading into High Rank quests to hunt the Tobi Kadachi is a good way to farm for Thunder Sac.

Remember, you’re hunting this high rank Tobi-Kadachi only for the Thunder Sac, so throw up an SOS and have a few random players join you. You’ll still get the same rewards in terms of materials, but you won’t get quite as much money for your efforts. Since this isn’t about money, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Now that you know how to get the Thunder Sac, be sure to browse through our collection of Monster Hunter World information for answers to any other questions you have.

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