Monster Hunter World - How to Trap a Monster

A lot of new hunters are joining the good fight in Monster Hunter World and are all eager to venture out into the Ancient Forest (and beyond) and trap their first monster. Trapping a small or large monster in Monster Hunter World can be a bit challenging when just starting out, but it’s not impossible, you just need to know what to look out for.

How Monsters Behave

Before you begin trapping monsters, you need to know how they behave. In Monster Hunter World monsters are a whole different kettle of fish compared to bosses in other games. One of the major differences you will need to become acquainted with is that these monsters do not display a health bar and won’t endlessly attack you until you’re dead – granted some can one-shot you if you’re not strong enough.

After dealing damage to a monster, it will fight for a bit, before running off to lick its wounds. If you’ve dealt a considerable amount of damage to the monster, it might not run off, it will limp away. Don’t let it rest in its nest for too long, else it will heal a fair bit of health.

How to Trap a Monster

The main goals of trapping a monster in Monster Hunter World is to whittle its health down until it begins limping, capture it in a trap (Shock Trap), and then throw Tranq Bombs at its face until it falls asleep and the quest completes. But it can be a little bit more difficult than it first appears.

Now that you know how monsters behave, you will need to begin hunting your chosen monster and then prepare to trap it. For your first time trapping a monster, your Item Box will have a couple of valuable resources for you to use: Tranq Bombs and Shock Traps. These will be your only available resources for each attempt. If you want more Tranq Bombs and Shock Traps, you’re going to need to craft them yourself, so make sure you know how to craft items and where to find resources.

Firstly, you will want to hunt down the monster you want to trap. For the first-time trappers, the target will most likely be the Great Jagras, which is found in the Ancient Forest. With the monster in sight, begin attacking it with the goal being to make it limp.

Once the monster begins limping, you need to get into a position where you can use a Shock Trap to lock it in place. You can either: run ahead of the monster and place the trap it in its path as it’s trying to escape or, if it’s already close to its nest, place it on the monster as it’s lying down.

As soon as the monster sets off the Shock Trap (or whatever trap you’re using), you want to position yourself so you can see its face head-on and begin throwing Tranq Bombs at it. It’s very important you throw the Tranq Bombs at its face. You will likely need to throw 2-3 Tranq Bombs before the monster falls asleep, completing the trap attempt.

So long as the monster had been limping, was caught in your trap, and you managed to throw enough Tranq Bombs to knock it out, you should have successfully trapped a monster! It might not go perfectly the first couple of times, which is why the trap Investigations allow for a couple of attempts. In the event you lose all attempts, don’t fret, as these sorts of mini-quests pop up all the time.

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