How To Mount Monsters In Monster Hunter: World

Take down those massive beasts by climbing up and hitting them where it hurts.


As all series fans know, Monster Hunter is a game about making a display of power by taking down some of the biggest, toughest beasts possible. However, Monster Hunter: World has such massive and dangerous monsters that players might find themselves running for the hills. Luckily there's an easier way to take down the game's many titanic creatures, and that's to climb on top of them and strike them in their weak spots. Here's everything budding young hunters need to know to mount monsters in Monster Hunter: World.

How to mount monsters in Monster Hunter: World

In many games, climbing on top of a creature means little more than approaching it and pressing the jump button. Monster Hunter: World isn't most games, though, so players who want to climb on top of a fearsome beast should start thinking outside the box. One of the easiest ways of mounting monsters is to simply consider the surroundings. By luring a monster near a tree or a cliffside, players can use their vertical advantage to simply jump down on top of the creature and attack. It might sound a little silly, but it gets results.

how to mount monsters in Monster Hunter: World
Mounting monsters in Monster Hunter World can give you new avenues of attack.

Once on top, players will begin to see button prompts popping up. These are the player's cue to start laying the hurt down by spamming the Triangle button in order to get in as many hits as possible before the monster starts trying to buck them off.

Given enough time, players have a chance of seeing a prompt telling them to press and hold R2 or another key depending on the prompt. If they miss the chance, the monster will buck hard, and players will lose a substantial portion of their Stamina and potentially even lose their advantage over the creature. Be sure to press R2 (or whatever prompts pop up) in time to brace the hero and stay in their advantageous position atop the monster.

After enough damage has been inflicted, players will finally see a prompt to perform a charged attack. This is the chance players need to get in one last swing and end the beast's reign of terror, so charge up an attack and release the trigger to watch as the monster becomes temporarily weakened, typically falling on its back. Once it's down, move back in and lay down as many strikes as possible. With luck, you'll have done enough damage to slay the fiend. If not, it's probably best to find another way to climb back up and start the process over again.

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