Where to find Super Abalone in Monster Hunter World

Locate the Super Abalone for the Meowscular Chef to upgrade the canteen in Monster Hunter World.


There are dozens, if not hundreds, of resources and materials to hunt in Monster Hunter: World and remembering where they are all found can be quite the challenge. One item that the Meowscular Chef will ask players to find is the Super Abalone, an item needed to upgrade the canteen.

Where to find Super Abalone

As part of the quest, What a Bunch of Abalone, ten Super Abalone must be collected and delivered for the Meowscular Chef. Completing this optional quest is a breeze, so long as players know where to find the Super Abalone.

Super Abalone is found in the Coral Highlands from conch shells. These conch shells appear as little red coral formations that can be found in many of the areas around the Highlands. However, when players opt to gather from conch shells, Super Abalone is not a guaranteed drop.

The conch shell has a chance to drop abalone ranging in qualities. In order to get the required ten "super" abalone, players may need to locate upwards of ten conch shells, depending entirely on luck. There is a collection of four conch shells located in section 5 and a few along the path in section 9. Run laps between these areas, collecting the conch shells, and then waiting for them to recharge in order to harvest them again.

Despite the fact the quest states to “deliver” the Super Abalone, players need only gather the resource from the world, no need to take it anywhere. This is unlike the actual delivery quests, such as Gettin’ Yolked in the Waste, that require players to find an item and bring it back to the campsite.

With the Super Abalone gathered for the quest, What a Bunch of Abalone, your canteen will be upgraded and will now provide more benefits. Take some more time to look over the Shacknews Monster Hunter: World guide and walkthrough for other resource-gathering tips.

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