How to Get Black Crystal Ticket in Monster Hunter: World

Black Crystal Ticket can only be obtained from one event in Monster Hunter: World.


Add Black Crystal Ticket to the list of strange crafting ingredients you’ll need in Monster Hunter: World. It seems like every time you visit the smithy, there’s something else he requires that you must figure out where to find. This was Black Crystal Ticket for me recently, and I’m glad I sorted myself out before the required event expired.

Black Crystal Ticket

Black Crystal Ticket is a crafting ingredient used to make the Shadow Shades in Monster Hunter: World. Being able to craft this item is one of the rewards for completing the level six event quest called Flash in the Pan where you must hunt three Tzitzi-Ya-Ku monsters. Unfortunately, this quest is on a rotation that sees it appear and slip from the Monster Hunter: World events page frequently, so you can’t load into it whenever you please. For example, this quest will leave Monster Hunter: World on March 15, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. UTC. It is not scheduled to return in March.

If you’ve completed A Flash in the Pan a single time, you will have the Shadow Shades listed in your smithy crafting menu. However, you will most likely need to complete this optional quest three times to get the Black Crystal Tickets you require to make them. I was only awarded one per run, so having to complete this arena three times is a real possibility for most. If the Flash in the Pan quest isn’t active in the events section, though, you’ll have to wait until it returns. There is no way around that.

Your journey is likely to feature many situations where you need assistance with how to proceed, just like you did with Black Crystal Ticket. For this reason, we’ve created a Monster Hunter: World guide hub that you can reference any time. We help you kill monsters, find rare materials, and understand the game’s mechanics when it refuses to explain them to you.

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