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How to get Obsidian Icetalon in Monster Hunter World

Learn how to get Obsidian Icetalon in Monster Hunter World, then hope luck is on your side.


There might be a thousand different materials to collect and track in Monster Hunter World. Things with odd names that you need to build that weapon or craft that armor. This was the case with me when I came across Obsidian Icetalon. Today, I’ll explain exactly how to get Obsidian Icetalon as you make your way through Iceborne and Monster Hunter World in general.

Obsidian Icetalon

Obsidian Icetalon comes from the Shrieking Legiana, a monster introduced with the Iceborne expansion. It is encountered during the When the Mist Taketh You quest, as well as other optional quests and various investigations.

Obsidian Icetalon can be obtained via carve, reward, or drop. It’s a very rare material at Rarity 10, but for those willing to farm the Shrieking Legiana it shouldn’t be tough to get your hands on the bits you need. Look for a quest with the Shrieking Legiana via the SOS option on the quest board, and if you can’t specify that target, keep progressing through the Iceborne questline until you can. It’s common for monsters not to be available for farming until progressing to a certain point in the story.

Should you be looking for every edge possible, consider the Plunderblade, a Palico Gadget that can result in more materials in your pocket thanks to your Palico doing some monster carving of its own. I’m not saying it’s got a good chance of success, but if you have less than three people on a hunt, it can’t hurt to try. If you want to get the Plunderblade consider completing all the quests for Palico Gadgets.

As you work through Iceborne you’re bound to bump into a slew of things you need to look up. Start with us and check out our Monster Hunter World strategy guide. We’re working on it daily to fill it out with the information you need to be the best hunter you can be.

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