Monster Hunter World - How to Kill the Diablos

If you wish to progress through Monster Hunter: World, you must learn how to kill the Diablos.


In Monster Hunter: World, every monster has its weakness. On the lower end of the food chain, some monsters have many weaknesses, meaning it’s not overly important to plan your loadout or put a lot of care into your approach. As you work you way up the food chain, however, you’ll run into a formidable foe called Diablos. This is likely to be a part of the assigned quest, Horned Tyrant Below the Sands in Wildspire Waste. Here’s how to kill Diablos, the toughest monster you’ve encountered to date.

How to Kill Diablos - Weapons and Weaknesses

Killing Diablos begins long before you swing a sword of fire a bow. It begins in Wildspire Waste, where you will need to find signs of the great beast. I recommend loading into the Horned Tyrant Below the Sands quest and investigating signs of the monster in the area. As you collect evidence, you’ll further your research level with Diablos, unlocking vital information about how to kill this monster. Of course, you very well may bump into Diablos as you’re poking around. That’s fine, give the fight a go and see how you do. Part of getting better is gaining experience.

Ideally, you want your research level of Diablos to be at three. This will allow you to visit the Chief Ecologist in Astera and view the physiology of the monster. It’s there that you’ll learn the following.


  • Fire - Immune
  • Water - Weakness x 2
  • Thunder - Weakness x 1
  • Ice - Weakness x 3
  • Dragon - Weakness x 2


  • Poison - Weakness x 2
  • Sleep - Weakness x 2
  • Paralysis - Weakness x 3
  • Blast - Weakness x 2
  • Stun - Weakness x 1

There are two weapons that emerge as effective against Diablos. Hunters will want to try the Great Sword (Freeze Blade I) or the Hammer (Frozen Core). The Great Sword is most effective with attacks to the monster’s chest, legs and belly, while the Hammer is great for the chest, legs, belly and head. Both weapons should be configured to use the Ice elemental tree, since we know that is the greatest elemental weakness of Diablo. Water and Dragon are a close second.

If you prefer to use ranged weapons, that’s perfectly fine for this fight. You don’t need your entire team rolling around under Diablos’ feet. Having someone at range is a huge benefit to this battle. Even more so if their weapon is configured to deliver the proper damage type. While Poison, Sleep, and Blast are good, Paralysis is the best option. Furthermore, the best place to hit Diablo with Paralysis covered projectiles would be its wings, as that’s the primary weak point if you’re using a ranged weapon.

How to Kill Diablos - Equipment

You know what weapon to bring and you know what to do with it, but Diablos will crush your health bar with almost every attack. If it doesn’t one-shot you, it will two-shot you. Staying alive during the Diablos fight is half the battle, and that battle begins with some crafting in Astera.

The list of things that you should bring includes the following:

  • Mega Potion x 10
  • Herb and Potion x 10
  • Lifepowder x 3
  • Godbug and Blue Mushroom x 5
  • Demon Powder x 3
  • Godbug and Might Seed x 5
  • Hardshell Powder x 3
  • Pitfall Trap x 1 (Max)
  • Trap Tool and Net x 2

That’s a lot to bring, but hear me out. You want the Mega Potion to heal yourself, and you can easily burn through 10 of those in a Diablos fight. By bringing 10 Herbs and 10 regular Potions, you can make 10 more Mega Potions, giving you a total of 20 if things get that bad.

The three powders are for the benefit of your entire group. Powders, unlike potions, will apply their buff to all members of your team. Lifepowder, for example, can be used when you notice the health of a few players struggling. Maybe Diablo is eating them and they can’t heal themselves. Lifepowder to the rescue. Apply this group-first thinking to Demon Powder, which increases attack strength, and Hardshell Powder, which allows your team to take some extra damage. The Godbug, Might Seed and Blue Mushroom are all there to help you make more of the three powders in case you run out.

Moving right along, the Pitfall Trap is my personal favorite to tie a monster down for a short period and lay a beating on them. The reason I bring the extra Trap Tool and Net is so that I can make two more. You can only have one Pitfall Trap in your inventory at a time, and you can only carry two Trap Tools at a time. Still, trapping Diablos three times in a fight is a huge help.

How to Kill Diablos - The Strategy

The Diablos fight in Wildspire Waste will take place in three general areas. Expect to fight in the caves, in the hills near the quicksand, and near some cliffs with a ditch between the two ledges. The worst part of the fight will be in the caves, since your area to operate is restricted, and you can’t use the hills or cliffs to your advantage.

Diablos will come at you with various attacks. The worst of them is a charge attack that puts its horns through your soul. This attack can take out huge rocks and walls, so don’t get hit by it. Diablos also likes to tunnel underground, popping up and launching anyone near into the air. If either of these attacks catches you clean, expect to faint. More standard attacks from Diablos include swinging its tail and head, both of which can hurt you but probably won’t cause you to faint at full health.

If you have four players, make sure that you group is somewhat separated so that no single attack from Diablos can take out multiple members. I prefer fighting near the cliffs, allowing me to climb up and jump off so I can attempt to mount the monster. In the hills, I tend to sprint and slide down the slopes, attacking as I get close to Diablos and unleashing powerful combinations. In the caves, I just pick my spots and make sure that I’m not taking damage or fainting.

Speaking of avoiding damage, an excellent tactic is to put your weapon on your back so that you can use your sprint. It’s easy to stay away from Diablos this way, and you can quickly draw your weapon when you see the chance to pounce. Strike fast, then roll away and evaluate things again. Don’t stay under this monster’s feet trying to land combos. All Diablos must do to demolish you is turn around and catch you with one of its legs.

The time for combos against Diablos is when it’s stunned or knocked over. The Screamer Pod (found in the supply box at the camp you loaded in at), if aimed just under Diablos’ nose, will disorient it and give you a shot at some offense. The same goes for catching Diablos in a Pitfall Trap. That should give you about 10-15 seconds of damage time, which is the perfect opportunity to use your Demon Powder and buff your team’s attacks.

As much as Diablos is about having the right weapons, potions, powder, and focusing on its weaknesses, it’s also about your mindset. This isn’t a monster you can just blast through with straight offense. This is a fight that is won through patience and capitalizing on opportunities. That, and a little bit of luck when it comes to drawing a decent group of teammates.

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