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Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate is a very rare material in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, but this guide will detail how players can obtain it.


Shara Ishvalda is an elder dragon in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne that players must defeat as part of the assigned quest, Paean of Guidance. Like all monsters in Monster Hunter World, though, Shara Ishvalda offers up some valuable crafting materials when players break its parts and defeat it. One such material is called Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate, and along with the Shara Ishvalda Gem, it is the rarest material Shara Ishvalda can offer up.

Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate

Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate

The Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate can be obtained in only one way. Players must break the head of the Shara Ishvalda elder dragon twice during the fight. This will give them two Shara Ishvalda Tenderplates, but breaking the head is no easy task.This means that the grind for this could be long. The good news is, Paean of Guidance is only one of the quests that Shara Ishvalda is available. Players can also hunt this elder dragon during the Faraway Lorelei optional quest, which appears periodically much the same way the Xeno'jiiva optional quest does.

Knowing what part to break is only half the battle. Players need to go at this monster with the right gear, and the right gear should be a weapon that does Ice or Blast damage. Water and Poison damage will work in a pinch, but Ice and Blast are the best options going into this fight.

If players do manage to snag some Shara Ishvalda Tenderplate, there are several weapons and armor bits that require it for crafting. Of course, you already know that, or you wouldn’t be here trying to figure out how to obtain it. For more help getting all the rare drops, visit our Monster Hunter World: Iceborne topic and browse through all our offerings.

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