How to Increase Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World

Level up your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter World to gain access to harder content.


In an effort to become more powerful in Monster Hunter World, you’re going to be spending a lot of time attempting to increase your Hunter Rank. The whole point of increasing your Hunter Rank is to be able to play the tougher missions, as quests only get more powerful when you get more powerful. Though if you've played enough, you might realize that leveling up your Hunter Rank isn't a linear process.

Increase Your Hunter Rank

When you first begin Monster Hunter World, you’ll likely note that your Hunter Rank increases fairly consistently, with levels being added after major hunts. But after a while, especially if you take the time to grind out a full set of gear, your Hunter Rank might not level up at all, despite the fact you’ve just spent hours slaying tough monsters – like the mighty Nergigante.

Early on in Monster Hunter World, increasing your Hunter Rank is as simple as completing story missions. However, this will begin to slow down the further into the game you get, but your level will still be tied to the story.

After completing the main storyline, you will shift from having your Hunter Rank tied to the story to it being an XP bar that can be tracked through the Status menu. From here, every quest, whether it’s an Expedition, Optional, or Event like the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover, you will gain experience points that go toward leveling you up.

The value of increasing your Hunter Rank isn’t just so you can unlock higher HR quests, but because it’s a requirement for unlocking the rainbow pigment for your armor – which is obviously the most important reason.

So in order to increase your Hunter Rank, complete the main storyline, at which point you can earn experience by simply playing Monster Hunter World. Check out our Monster Hunter World guide for other useful information!

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