Monster Hunter World - How to Kill the Anjanath

Study up on how to kill the Anjanath in Monster Hunter World.


Monster Hunter World is not a button mashing game. You can get away with that style of play in the early quests, but you’ll quickly find that the right tool for the job can make all the difference in the world. This was a lesson I first learned while trying to fight the Anjanath as part of The Encroaching Anjanath quest. A buddy and I, without any studying whatsoever, took the beast on and managed to fail the quest three times. Tired of defeat, I went on a self-improvement quest to learn how to kill the Anjanath in Monster Hunter World.

How to Kill the Anjanath

When you first get The Encroaching Anjanath quest, I’d recommend that you go it alone, or perhaps with someone you know in a co-op session. By opening the quest up to random players, you’re running the risk that more skilled and knowledgeable players will do all the work for you, in which case you’ll miss out on the entire learning experience. You might fail on your own, but there is no such thing as failure in this game so long as you study and learn to ensure you’re better off the next time out.

When you begin The Encroaching Anjanath quest, spend several minutes picking up every piece of evidence you can that relates to this monster. Not only is that required to track it, but it will rank up your Anjanath research level, unlocking more information about your target. This information is what will help you from failing the quest repeatedly.

As you unlock research about the Anjanath, head to Astera to speak with the Chief Ecologist in the tradeyard. You’ll notice that the monster’s weak points are the top of its head and its tail. These, obviously, should be the two main points that you target. However, you can also break the feet on the Anjanath, which is good for anyone who struggles to deliver blows above the monster’s ankles.

The Anjanath also has an elemental weakness mainly to Water, and to a lesser extent is susceptible to Thunder, Ice, and Dragon. Dragon being the element it’s least damaged by. If you do plan to use the Bow, or another form of weapon that fires projectiles, the Anjanath has ailments to Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Blast, and Stun. Keep all of this in mind when choosing and customizing your weapon.

In terms of weapons, choose what you wish, but know the weaknesses of the monster in terms of cutting and blunt damage. The icons on the physiology page don't show a specific weapon, but instead a damage type. The knife shows cutting, and the hammer shows blunt. We can see that the Anjanath is weak to both types of damage in its head more than its tail.

My next stop before leaving to kill the Anjanath was the training yard. This can be accessed from your room by speaking with the housekeeper. I took out the Great Sword and went to work learning the various combinations displayed on the HUD. I spent about 15 minutes just memorizing the inputs and putting the combinations into practice, thinking about what would work best against the Anjanath.

Once I was comfortable, it was time to head out and fight the Anjanath. I opted to leave the quest open and was joined by some random players. Since I had tried the monster a few times already, I didn’t feel my experience would suffer. I even used an SOS flare to call for help.

Because the Great Sword is so heavy, you’ll want to keep it on your back until the moment you’re ready to swing it. This will allow you to get close to the monster, and even get out of the way if you become the focus of its attention.

They key to taking down the Anjanath in a group is all about distracting the monster. If it’s busy with your fellow hunters, sneak in and go for a combination on its tail. If it’s down on the ground, load up your best Charged Slash, or go for the Combo Including True Charged Slash. If the beast is up and mobile, the Overhead Slash or Wide Slash are you best bets. Something to do some damage, but also allow you to get out of the way when things get sketchy.

It’s also important to monitor your health. I didn’t dare go on this hunt without 10 Mega Potions ready to heal me up. I think I used six by the time the Anjanath was dead, but our entire hunting party managed to avoid taking any deaths. The key to this was movement and knowing when to attack. If the Anjanath was chasing me, my team was putting the hurt on it. When it turned to deal with them, I was trying to cut its tail off. Soon it was badly hurt and headed to its nest for a nap, and shortly after it was dead.

Now that you have a solid idea of how to kill the Anjanath, be sure to visit the Monster Hunter World guide for more help taking down the toughest beasts and finding the rarest resources.

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