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Where to Get Flame Sac in Monster Hunter World

The best way to find and farm Flame Sacs to upgrade your fire weapons.


The gameplay loop in Monster Hunter World is pure and simple: hunt a monster, search for materials to upgrade weapon, find materials, upgrade weapon, and hunt more powerful monsters. But there’s a step that can cause a bit of trouble, and that’s: needing to find certain upgrade materials. You don't want to be slowed down by trying to find Flame Sac when you've got a Nergigante to kill.

How to Find Flame Sac

Much like how you would find Thunder Sac, to get your hands on Flame Sac in Monster Hunter World requires you to hunt a large monster, specifically the Anjanath, Rathian, or Rathalos. As you can tell, the theme here is that you need to hunt fire-based monsters. However, don’t go hunting Pink Rathian or some of the fiercer late-game monsters, as these only offer higher versions of the Flame Sac.

flame sac from anjanath monster hunter world
The Anjanath can drop Flame Sacs, but not from being carved. Consider capturing it for better rewards.

Ideally, you will want to focus on hunting the Anjanath, as it is arguably the easiest monster to hunt and kill out of all three. The Rathian and Rathalos are flying wyverns, which make them a right pain in the ass to hit, especially if you’re the type of hunter who fights on the ground.

The Flame Sac is not a carve drop, meaning you cannot cut it out of the monsters, it is a reward. You must successfully kill or trap the monster, and then once you finish the quest or return from the expedition, you will receive your rewards. Flame Sacs are rated as a 3-star frequency drop from all three monsters. If you want to improve your odds of receiving a Flame Sac, use a Lucky Voucher before you head out on the hunt. Check out our guide if you’re not sure what Lucky Vouchers do.

And that’s really all there is to finding Flame Sac in Monster Hunter World. It’s certainly not as easy as gathering materials from plants, but you shouldn’t need too many in order to upgrade your equipment. Head over to our Monster Hunter World guide for more helpful hunting tips.

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