Deliver Hot Spring Stones - Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Deliver Hot Spring Stones in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne for the Master Rank 4 quest, Treasure in the Steam, unlocking the Thermae layered armor.


As players make their way through Iceborne in Monster Hunter World they’ll be bombarded with many optional quests to tackle. One of those quests is called Treasure in the Steam, a Master Rank 4 optional quest where players must head to Hoarfrost Reach and deliver two Hot Spring Stones. Without knowing where to go, this can be difficult to pull off. Today, I’ll show you where to find the stones, and give you strategies to make your deliveries without any fuss.

Deliver Hot Spring Stones

Head to the quest board and post a Master Rank 4 quest called Treasure in the Steam. You can have other players in here, but there’s no need. It might be more difficult with others. In any case, you will land at Shipwreck Camp (12) in Hoarfrost Reach. I ate the Chef’s Choice Platter meal to extend my stamina for a lot of running during this quest. When ready, head to Area 13 where there are two pools of hot springs to be found. Climb up the vines and crawl under the rock, then turn left and go up one more set of vines. Run past the first hot spring to a much smaller pool. On the far side of that pool is where you can find the Hot Spring Stones you seek.

Before you pick up a Hot Spring Stone, equip your Ghillie Mantle. Pick up the stone and star running back the way you just came. You can jump off ledges just fine but mind your stamina bar. If it empties you will drop your stone and must start over. This is generally not too much of an issue, but if a monster wants to bite your face you’ll enter combat, where sprinting takes up far more stamina then when you aren’t in a combat situation. Just keep an eye on it.

Deliver Hot Spring Stones Monster Hunter World Iceborne

With the Hot Spring Stone in hand, jump down the final vine you climbed up to reach Area 13, but don’t crawl back under the rock where you originally emerged. Run past it, jumped down again, then hook to the right. Your immediate right. You’ll find yourself on a trajectory that will eventually lead you to a gate, and just to the right of that gate is a tall vine you can climb up. Do not speed climb this fine. Just climb up it normally and your Ghillie Mantle should keep you safe from anything that might try to hug you. This will lead you to Western Camp (5), where you can put the Hot Spring Stone you collected in the item box.

Fast travel back to Shipwreck Camp (12) and repeat the process a second time. You can pull this off even if you don’t have your Ghillie Mantle, but if you’d rather play it safe just chill out at the camp until it’s got its charge back. It might take five or six minutes. From there, you simply do the exact same thing you just did a second time. Once you deposit your second Hot Spring Stone in the item box at Western Camp (5) the quest will complete.

Thermae Layered Armor

Thermae Layered Armor Monster Hunter World Iceborne
Treasure in the Steam Monster Hunter World Iceborne

Head back to the Smithy and choose the option to Forge Equipment, then Layered Armor. You will see the Thermae set there under Master Rank. Among other materials, it will require two Thermae Tickets for you to craft it. If you only got one on the quest, do the quest again to get the second ticket.

Now that you know how to Deliver Hot Spring Stones, complete Treasure in the Steam, and craft a set of the Thermae layered armor, visit our Monster Hunter World strategy guide for more help with all the odd quests and mechanics that you’ll encounter on the path.

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