Monster Hunter World - Where to Find Ivy

Ivy is one of the best resources you can find in Monster Hunter World.


As you make your way through Monster Hunter World, a simple hack and slash strategy isn’t going to cut it. You’re going to need to build traps, potions, and coat your arrows in various materials to hurt the monsters you fight. Some of the materials, however, are not that easy to find. One example is Ivy, which I use specifically to build nets for my Pitfall Traps.

Where to Find Ivy

Hunters can find Ivy in the Ancient Forest, but not in a location that you will come across easily. It’s found in Sector 13 and Sector 15, and it appears there are only three Ivy plants on the entire map. If you can’t spot it on your map, try using the up and down directional buttons on your controller to change to the middle level.

All the plants are close together, so you can make a run and harvest all three. That should give you a total of six Ivy. You can only carry 10 at a time, so I like to browse around the area for other resources, then return and grab two more Ivy plants once they respawn. Consider picking up some Spiderwebs as you wait, since that is the other ingredient you need to make a Net, and you need a Net to make a Pitfall Trap.

Why make the Pitfall Trap? It’s a really good way to put major damage on large monsters in Monster Hunter World. One of the earliest uses for this would probably be the Anjanath. Once caught in a Pitfall Trap, you can deliver devastating strikes that help progress that fight along very nicely.

Now that you know where to find Ivy, learn the basics of how to trap a monster, then be sure to visit our Monster Hunter World guide for anything else you require.

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