Where to Find Might Seed in Monster Hunter World

Might Seed can increase the damage you and your team deal if you know where to find it and how to use it.


The further you progress in Monster Hunter World, the more important it is for you to understand how potions and buffs can help you and your team. A timely Demon Powder shower can help your team lay a beating on a downed monster, but only if you know where to find the Might Seed needed to craft it, unless you just grow it through the Botanical Research department.

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Where to Find Might Seed

Might Seed Monster Hunter World

Might Seed can be found in six different spots across three locations in Monster Hunter World. There are two plants in the Rotten Vale, two in the Wildspire Waste, and two in the Elder’s Recess. Each of these plants will give you two Might Seed, so a quick run between all six locations should give you 12 Might Seed in total.

The specific locations of each Might Seed plant are as follows:

  • Rotten Vale - Zone 10: Against the wall at the top of the zone
  • Rotten Vale - Zone 10: Bottom of the zone at the entrance to a passage
  • Wildspire Waste - Zone 15: Near the campsite in an alcove
  • Wildspire Waste - Zone 2: Next to a river on the eastern part of the zone
  • Elder’s Recess - Zone 16: Near the campsite as you’re headed to Zone 12
  • Elder’s Recess - Zone 7: Near the campsite as you’re headed to Zone 5

Might Seed can be used to make three buffs, those being Demondrug, Demon Powder, and the Might Pill. Each of these will give you varying boosts to your strength, with the Demon Powder providing the buff to your entire party, if you’re within range when you use it. Personally, I prefer the Demon Powder since it can help the entire team, and Monster Hunter: World for me is best enjoyed with people.

Now that you have your Might Seed, keep an eye out for Ivy, another rare plant that can be of use. In fact, we have loads of helpful Monster Hunter: World guides for all your end game hunter needs.

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