Hunting Horn upgrade tree and crafting materials - Monster Hunter: World

The bone and ore upgrade path and trees for the Hunting Horn.


The Hunting Horn is one of the most versatile weapons in Monster Hunter: World, offering players huge damage spikes while also boasting impressive support utility. With multiple paths through the upgrade tree, and a split between bone and ore Hunting Horns, there are more than enough options for even the pickiest of players.

Hunting Horn upgrade tree and crafting materials

Below are two tables which focus on the two upgrade trees for the Hunting Horn, bone and ore. Choosing the best horn is entirely player preference and is also heavily dependent on the monster that is being hunted. For players looking to perfect their Hunting Horn playstyle, it’s a good idea to have more than one type ready to go. 

Head over to the Monster Hunter: World wiki for more information on the Hunting Horn.

Hunting Horn bone upgrade tree

Weapon Name Dmg Elem Affinity Gems Crafting Requirements
Bone Horn I 420 Monster Bons S x1, 200 Zenny
Bone Horn II 462 Monster Bone S x2, 200 Zenny
Bone Horn III 504 Monster Bone M x2, Ancient Bone x1, 1,000 Zenny
Hard Bone Horn I 588 Monster Bone L x1, Monster Bone M x5, Boulder Bone x2, 2,000 Zenny
Hard Bone Horn II 630 Monster Bone+ x2, Monster Bone L x1, Sturdy Bone x4, 4,000 Zenny
Hard Bone Horn III 672 180 Monster Keenbone x2, Monster Bone+ x2, Quality Bone x2, 6,000 Zenny
Heavy Bone Horn I 714 210 Monster Hardbone x4, Monster Keenbone x6, Quality Bone x10, 16,000 Zenny
Heavy Bone Horn II 630 240 Elder Dragon Bone x4, Monster Hardbone x6, Quality Bone x20, Dragonbone Relic x1, 32,000 Zenny
Gama Horn I 756 120 Dodogama Talon x4, Dodogama Scale+ x6, Dodogama Hide+ x4, 24,000 Zenny
Gama Horn II 798 150 Fire Dragon Scale+ x4, Dodogama Jaw x4, Dodogama Tail x3, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Blazing Horn I 546 210 -20% Anjanath Fang x2, Anjanath Scale x3, Flame Sac x1, 2,000 Zenny
Blazing Horn II 630 240 -20% Rathalos Marrow x1, Anjanath Fang x4, Anjanath Nosebone x1, Anjanath Tail x1, 8,000 Zenny
Anja Barone I 234 270 -20% Anjanath Fang+ x4, Anjanath Scale+ x5, Inferno Sac x3, Anjanath Plate x1, 8,000 Zenny
Anja Barone II 789  330 -20% Rathalos Medulla x2, Anjanath Fang+ x5, Anjanath Pelt+ x4, Firecell Stone x1, 24,000 Zenny
Anja Barone III 882  450 -20% Teostra Mane x2, Anjanath Fang+ x6, Anjanath Nosebone+ x2, Anjanath Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Blooming Horn I 504  240 Pukei-Pukei Quill x2, Pukei-Pukei Scale x3, Poison Sac x1, 1,000 Zenny
Blooming Horn II 546  300 Coral Crystal x3, Pukei-Pukei Sac x2, Pukei-Pukei Shell x3, Pukei-Pukei Tail x1, 2,000 Zenny
Blooming Horn III 588  360 Monster Bone+ x2, Pukei-Pukei Quill x4, Pukei-Pukei Sac x2, Poison Sac x2, 2,000 Zenny
Datura Horn I 630  420 Pukei-Pukei Scale+ x3, Pukei-Pukei Wing x2, Toxin Sac x2, Quality Bone x3, 6,000 Zenny
Datura Horn II 672  480 Monster Hardbone x3, Pukei-Pukei Wing x3, Pukei-Pukei Carapace x5, Toxin Sac x2, 16,000 Zenny
Datura Horn III 714  540 Vaal Hazak Wing x2, Pukei-Pukei Sac+ x2, Pukei-Pukei Wing x6,Bird Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Lumu Horn I 546 +10% Paolumu Shell x1, Paolumu Scale x3, Paolumu Pelt x2, 2,000 Zenny
Lumu Horn II 588 +10% Diablos Shell x3, Paolumu Shell x3, Paolumu Webbing x2, Shamos Scale x5, 4,000 Zenny
Lumu Barone I 630  420 +10% Paolumu Carapace+ x3, Paolumu Scale+ x5, Paolumu Pelt+ x4, Shamos Scale+ x5, 6,000 Zenny
Lumu Barone II 672  480 +10% Blos Medulla x2, Paolumu Carapace+ x4, Paolumu Wing x3, Novacrystal x1, 16,000 Zenny
Lumu Barone III 714  570 +10% Elder Dragon Bone x3, Paolumu Carapace+ x5, Paolumu Scale+ x7, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Rookslayer Drum 756  180 -10% Bazelgeuse Talon x3, Bazelgeuse Scale+ x5, Bazelgeuse Fuse x4, Firecell Stone x1, 24,000 Zenny
Bazelreid Rookslayer 840  210 -10% Xeno'jiiva Wing x3, Bazelgeuse Wing x4, Bazelgeuse Talon x4, Bazelgeuse Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Sonic Horn I 462  120 Vespoid Shell x2, Vespoid Wing x1, Ancient Bone x1, 1,000 Zenny
Sonic Horn II 504  150 Vespoid Shell x2, Vespoid Wing x2, Monster Fluid x2, Paralysis Sac x1, 2,000 Zenny
Sonic Horn III 546  180 Vespoid Wing x3, Hornetaur Wing x3, Girros Fang x6, Paralysis Sac x2, 4,000 Zenny
Glass Royale I 588  240 Vespoid Carapace x6, Vespoid Innerwing x3, Monster Broth x5, Omniplegia Sac x2, 6,000 Zenny
Glass Royale+ 630  270 Vespoid Innerwing x6, Hornetaur Innerwing x6, Great Girros Fang+ x5, Brutal Bone x2, 16,000 Zenny
Queen Vespoid Horn 672  300 Daora Webbing x3, Vespoid Innerwing x3, Hornetaur Head x1, Novacrystal x2, 32,000 Zenny
Spiked Horn I 546  150 Wyvern Bonemass x2, Radobaan Scale x4, Sleep Sac x2, 2,000 Zenny
Spiked Horn II 588  180 Monster Bone+ x3, Wyvern Bonemass x3, Radobaan Oilshell x2, Radobaan Marrow x1, 4,000 Zenny
Baan Horn I 672  210 Radobaan Carapace x4, Radobaan Oilshell x3, Coma Sac x2, Monster Keenbone x3, 8,000 Zenny
Baan Horn II 756  240  Monster Hardbone x5, Radobaan Scale+ x8, Coma Sac x3, Radobaan Medulla x1, 24,000 Zenny
Baan Horn III 798  270 Elder Dragon Bone x5, Radobaan Carapace x6, Coma Sac x4, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Auldhorn I 420  300 Warped Bone x5, Coral Bone x5, Boulder Bone x5, Ancient Bone x5, 4,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Auldhorn II 462  360 Monster Bone+ x6, Monster Bone L x8, Sturdy Bone x8, 4,000 Zenny
Dragonbone Auldhorn III 672  420 Elder Dragon Bone x10, Brutal Bone x4, Dragonbone Relic x2, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Thundercry Horn I 504  390 Kirin Thunderhorn x3, Kirin Hide x3, Kirin Tail x1, Lightcrystal x1, 4,000 Zenny
Thunderbolt Horn I 588  480 Kirin Azure Horn x4, Kirin Hide+ x5, Kirin Mane x4, Dragonvein Crystal x5, 32,000 Zenny
Thunderbolt Horn II 672  540 Xeno'jiiva Shell x4, Kirin Azure Horn x6, Kirin Thundertail x3, Novacrystal x2, 56,000 Zenny
Blacksteel Dragonhorn I  120 Dragonvein Crystal x10, Earth Crystal x10, Coral Crystal x10, Lightcrystal x1, 12,000 Zenny
Blacksteel Dragonhorn II 462  150 Firecell Stone x1, Fucium Ore x5, Carbalite Ore x10, Wyvern Gem x1, 16,000 Zenny
Teostra's Tiple 756  330 Teostra Claw+ x2, Teostra Mane x2, Teostra Carapace x5, Teostra Powder x4, 32,000 Zenny
Teostra's Orphee 798  390 Xeno'jiiva Soulscale x5, Teostra Horn+ x5, Teostra Claw+ x2, Teostra Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Xeno Manasheena 714  180 +15% Xeno'jiiva Claw x4, Xeno'jiiva Shell x6, Xeno'jiiva Tail x2, Xeno'jiiva Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Devil's Maestro 840  180 -30% Deviljho Scale x6, Deviljho Talon x2, Deviljho Tallfang x3, Deviljho Saliva x2, 24,000 Zenny
Deep Vero 924  240 -30%
Empress Roar 798  150 Lunastra Scale+ x4, Lunastra Horn x3, Lunastra Mane x3, Lunastra Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Empress Roar "Blaze" 798  180 +20% Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Horn x2, Teostra Horn+ x3, Bazelgeuse Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Empress Roar "Ruin" 840  150 Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Wing x3, Nergigante Horn+ x3, Nergigante Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Empress Roar "Styx" 798  240 +10% Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Tail x2, Xeno'jiiva Horn x3, Xeno'jiiva Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny

Hunting Horn ore upgrade tree

Weapon Name Dmg Elem Affinity Gems Crafting Requirements
Metal Bagpipe I 336 Iron Ore x1, 200 Zenny
Metal Bagpipe II 378 Iron Ore x2, 200 Zenny
Metal Bagpipe III 420 Earth Crystal x3, Machalite Ore x3, Iron Ore x5, 1,000 Zenny
Great Bagpipe I 462 Dragonite Ore x2, Machalite Ore x5, Monster Bone M x2, 2,000 Zenny
Great Bagpipe II 546 Monster Bone+ x2, Dragonite Ore x5, Coral Crystal x2, Machalite Ore x10, 4,000 Zenny
Great Bagpipe III 588  210 Carbalite Ore x8, Dragonite Ore x5, Dragonvein Crystal x2, 6,000 Zenny
Fortissimo I 672  240 Fucium Ore x8, Carbalite Ore x5, Dragonite Ore x10, Dragonvein Crystal x3, 16,000 Zenny
Fortissimo II 756  270 Elder Dragon Blood x2, Fucium Ore x13, Carbalite Ore x20, Firecell Stone x1, 32,000 Zenny
Nergal Groove 840  120 Nergigante Talon x3, Nergigante Regrowth Plate x4, Nergigante Tail x2, Nergigante Carapace x2, 32,000 Zenny
Desolation's Overture 882  150 Xeno'jiiva Horn x2, Nergigante Horn+ x5, Nergigante Talon x5, Nergigante Gem x1, 56,000 Zenny
Thunder Gaida I 504  120 Dragonite Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode x1, Tobi-Kadachi Claw x2, Electro Sac x1, 2,000 Zenny
Thunder Gaida II 546  150 Monster Bone+ x2, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode x2, Tobi-Kadachi Membrane x2, Coral Crystal x3, 4,000 Zenny
Lightning Drum I 630  180 Carbalite Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Scale+ x4, Tobi-Kadachi Pelt+ x3, Vespoid Innerwing x3, 6,000 Zenny
Lightning Drum II 714  210 Fucium Ore x5, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ x2, Tobi-Kadachi Membrane x4, Thunder Sac x3, 16,000 Zenny
Lightning Drum III  240 Elder Dragon Blood x3, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ x4, Tobi-Kadachi Claw+ x6, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Kulu Duda I 420 +15% Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak x1, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale x3, 1,000 Zenny
Kulu Duda II 504 +15% Radobaan Scale x3, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume x2, Boulder Bone x3, 2,000 Zenny
Kulu Duda III 588 +15% Odogaron Claw x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume x4, Warped Bone x3, 4,000 Zenny
Dancing Duval I 630  240 +25% Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x3, Kulu-Ya-Ku Hide+ x4, Kulu-Ya-Ku Scale+ x6, 6,000 Zenny
Dancing Duval II 672  300 +25% Odogaron Claw+ x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x4, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+ x3, Brutal Bone x3, 16,000 Zenny
Dancing Duval III 714  360 +25% Nergigante Talon x2, Kulu-Ya-Ku Beak+ x5, Kulu-Ya-Ku Plume+ x4, Bird Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Valkyrie Chordmaker 462  150 +15% Rathian Spike x3, Rathian Scale x5, Rathian Shell x4, 2,000 Zenny
Queen Chordmaker 630  180 +15% Rathian Spike+ x3, Rathian Scale+ x5, Rathian Carapace x4, Rathian Plate x1, 8,000 Zenny
Coral Chordmaker 714  210 +25% Rathian Spike+ x4, Pink Rathian Scale+ x5, Pink Rathian Carapace x4, Wyvern Gem x1, 16,000 Zenny
Royal Chordmaker 798  240 +25% Elder Dragon Blood x3, Rathian Spike+ x5, Pink Rathian Scale+ x6, Rathian Ruby x1, 32,000 Zenny
Aqua Bagpipe I 420  120 Earth Crystal x3, Jyuratodus Shell x1, Jyuratodus Scale x3, Aqua Sac x1, 1,000 Zenny
Aqua Bagpipe II 504  150 Dragonite Ore x5, Jyuratodus Fin x3, Jyuratodus Fang x2, Gajau Skin x3, 2,000 Zenny
Aqua Bagpipe III 546  180 Monster Bone+ x2, Jyuratodus Fang x4, Coral Crystal x3, Gajau Whisker x3, 4,000 Zenny
Water Tamtam I 588  210 Carbalite Ore x5, Jyuratodus Carapace x2, Jyuratodus Scale+ x3, Gajau Scale x5, 6,000 Zenny
Water Tamtam II 672  240 Fucium Ore x5, Jyuratodus Fin+ x4, Torrent Sac x3, Grand Gajau Whisker x3, 16,000 Zenny
Water Tamtam III 756  270 Elder Dragon Bone x4, Jyuratodus Fin+ x6, Jyuratodus Fang+ x5, Wyvern Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny
Glacial Bagpipe I 546  240 Legiana Claw x3, Legiana Scale x4, Frost Sac x2, 4,000 Zenny
Glacial Bagpipe II 588  300 Paolumu Wing x4, Legiana Claw x4, Legiana Tail Webbing x3, Legiana Plate x1, 6,000 Zenny
Sectored 630  330 Legiana Claw+ x3, Legiana Scale x5, Legiana Wing x3, Freezer Sac x2, 16,000 Zenny
Legia Sectored 672  360 Daora Claw+ x2, Legiana Claw+ x5, Legiana Hide+ x3, Legiana Gem x1, 32,000 Zenny

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