How to Get Majestic Horn in Monster Hunter World

Learn the best strategies for getting all the Majestic Horn you need in Monster Hunter World.


The Majestic Horn is one material in Monster Hunter World that is required to upgrade and craft some of the late-game High Rank weapons and armor, so knowing how to get your hands on enough is critical for progression.

Farming Majestic Horn

The Majestic Horn is a breakable reward from the Diablos in Monster Hunter World, specifically from its horns. You are able to earn this extremely rare drop from the Low Rank Diablos (which you will need to hunt as part of the main story) and from the High Rank Black Diablos.

It’s worth noting that you’re likely going to have a better chance of getting Majestic Horns from the High Rank Diablos, as most of its rewards are tailored toward the rare items. Before you set out on an Investigation to hunt a Black Diablos, consider using one of the Lucky Vouchers to improve your chances of receiving extra materials.

Because the Majestic Horn is rewarded from breaking the horns of the Diablos, it’s a good idea to create a build specifically around breaking parts and collecting rewards. If you can afford it, equip yourself with gear that has the Partbreaker skill such as the Uragaan chest and waist pieces, and the Breaker Charm.

It’s unlikely you will receive a Majestic Horn for each horn you break, and chances are you’ll need to farm Majestic Horns for quite a while before you get the quantity you require. Ideally, you should try and use Investigations to hunt the Black Diablos, as this will also net you some rewards for successfully capturing it, which could very well be more Majestic Horns.

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